Is Locker Our Mark Sanchez???

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GrandMajesty1, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Probably the best and most intelligent response I have ever read on "any" message board or site Mr. Alzarius, and thank you. You would be very surprised to know just how old I am, how long I have been an Oiler now Titan fan, and how much I truly respect, (even in the darkest moments regarding individual temperament) every response here so far to date.

    This isn't rocket science, it's just fan fare chatter. I would hate to be the guy that everyone rolls an eye toward or "blocks with the ignore icon." I get the sensitivity and mind set these fans on this particular site have. I would never and I mean, never just state something beyond comprehension without some sort of logic behind it, and maybe the points I attempt to make hear are truly misinterpreted.

    I wasn't trying to compare Jake Locker to Mark Sanchez as far as experience and quarterback style, just a comparison toward another organization's QB situation after being drafted as "the future" and how much those fans to date feel let down and want to go into another direction, bringing to light a "what if" scenario after this year with Jake Locker struggling again.

    But from this point moving forward, I will proceed with caution since all of this back and forth typing is giving me Carpel Tunnel.

    Much respect to all who are registered to ""
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    Ill hook you up with a quick free seminar right meow...


    But what do we know???

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  3. GTFO my pancakz

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    But what do you know right! RIGHT???
  4. Brew City

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    Im going to bet 5000 moolah on ((((((NOTHING))))))
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  6. MrBean

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    And that comparison right there is why a lot of us are basically saying, please stop.

    Yes, he is in his third year. No, he doesn't even have a full season worth of starts under his belt.

    It's been one friggen preseason game, where the gameplan was to show how our run game can be dominant.

    Quit with the "We are doomed with Locker".
  7. LuvYaBlue77

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    WOW...!!! Mr. Majesty, how I'd figure that I would eventually find you on another board like this!!! And your already making so many friends here!!!!

    This is going to be fun!!!
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