Is it time for a new team?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by OhioStomper, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Danimal

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    I was born in Chicago and lived there for 27 years. Being from the Northside I was born a Cub's fan. During the first week of the season we would always say stuff like: "Dude, the Cubs are in first place after 3 games." The Bears were a one dimensional team consisting of the Walter Peyton up the middle play 78% of the time. We kept the faith and the Bear's team of 85 gave us one of the best runs any football team has ever seen.

    Here's the point, we are fans when they win and we are fans when they loose. I have been a Titan's fan since they moved to Nashville and I am waiting for the next big wave. That superbowl year was great. . . and we are just a few leaders away from something better.

    Keep the faith.
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  2. Wraith

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    I know what you mean, but with a projected top 10 pick you can say your picking him based on talent and his pedigree, his dad is a Hall of Fame guard/center and He's from what i consider to be the second family of football​
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    Doesn't matter, Bruce won't be coaching the team next year.
  4. 2ToneBlue

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    So at some point you decided that enough was enough with Da Bears, and switched teams.

    Generally "fans" (however it's defined) don't switch teams just because a new shiny team came into town. Houston got their team ripped away, most of the fans said "F-U" to the Oilers, and then got a team to replace them, the Texans. Baltimore, same situation.

    As much as I have loved the Titans/Oilers since my father raised me an Oilers fan, it's getting harder and harder to accept the regime from the top down (which is what a lot of Texan fans have said for years now). By the thinking above, I can just switch to the local team and be happy with whatever they give me? When the 49ers move closer to me I can then give up on watching an old man ruin my favorite franchise?
  5. pazen

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    I am new to the forum. But you cannot give up, I drove 617 miles to a game, have about 4 grand of memorbilia in my game room every game....I just can't give up on them, no matter what it's "two tone" blue.
  6. OhioStomper

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    Well most of you were able to converse like adults. Thanks to the few who gave the boring old bandwagon ship jumper posts. That is nonsense. I would rather not watch football at all than root for the Pats. If giving up on an organization that has given up on its fans makes me ******, then I am ******. This isn't about riding out the bad times. I know we are perennial mid packers. My problem is that I don't see anything being done to improve the team. I was excited when we went after Manning, but then what happened?
    And let's be honest... what does our team expect as far as loyalty goes? It crapped on fans in Houston and left them in the dust with no worries. I rode to Nashville with them, but it's fair to say Bud and this organization aren't loyal to the fans. They saw $$ and sold out people who loved the team for 30+ years.
    I'm gonna stick around to see what moves are made this offseason. If we sit on our hands again and field a crappy team, then I will walk. So go on and say it... Don't let the door hit me blah blah blah.
    Something needs to give.
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    I think one of the things that has been so hard for us as Titans fans, is the fact that for the first 5 years or so after moving to TN, they were one of the better teams in the league. We got accustomed to winning and being at the top. That 13-3 season a couple of years ago put that taste back in our mouths. We know what this team is capable of doing and seeing what has happened over the past couple of years here not only hurts our pride but the legacy of our team and the former players we loved to watch play.


    I don't blame Ohio or have any feelings against him. If we are all honest about it, the thought has crossed our minds at some point during the season.. some more so than others. There is only so much of the crappy play you can tolerate. We have been stomped and embarrassed twice this season with the opponent scoring 50+ points and have been blown out more than that. In response all we have heard from this team is talk, no action, just talk about what they are going to do.. but never do.
  8. Gunny

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    Where does this moronic thought process that the team has given up on the fans come from?
  9. OhioStomper

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    Did you see the score last Sunday? If that is them giving their best then I expect the slate to wiped clean this offseason. Someone is dropping the ball. If it doesnt get fixed, if someone doesn't make an effort to right this ship, then why stick around to sink with it?
  10. Ghost

    Ghost 3 Time US Navy 7th Fleet "Hogging" Champion

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