Is Farve killing his legacy?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. GoTitans3801

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    But I think his national legacy would be lessened if he came back, unless he makes it to or wins a super bowl with his new team. Otherwise, I think he looks worse for it. Particularly in Green Bay.
  2. Deuce Wayne

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  3. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    Exhibit A: Michael Jordan. Not only did he retire once, but twice. became a Wizard, but he left the game one time before, and that time he strengthened his lengend by winning three more titles. There is no loss of legacy. He is the greatest. Hands down. If there is not a better example then Michael Jordan of how well this can turn out, then I don't know what to tell anyone. But let me try.

    Exhibit B: Joe Montana. Still the greatest qb to ever play. He too left his team. Legacy is intact. Had some memorable moments in KC.

    Exhibit C: Beckham and Pele. Legacy's intact. Even more popular than before.

    Exhibit D: Nolan Ryan.Living Legend because he kept playing with the Rangers. Two more no hitters, k's, 300 wins.

    George Foreman: A legend because he came back, again, and again, and again.

    Jack Nicklaus: What a great win at the masters, long after they wanted him off the tour.

    Jerry Rice: Still number 1.

    These are some of the greatest players in every sport. And yet, their legend grew when they stretched out their career. In fact, it put them on the map in almost every case. There are many instances of failed comebacks, like Bjorn Borg, but in all cases the legacy remains intact, Emmitt Smith, Joe Namath, and the list goes on.
  4. vslyke

    vslyke In Dinger We Trust

    Another few examples:

    Babe Ruth - played for the Boston Braves in 1935. Sucked. Retired halfway through the year. No one remembers that.

    Hank Aaron - Played for Brewers in 75 and 76. No one remembers that.

    Joe Namath - Played for the LA Rams. No one remembers.

    Unitas - Finished his career with the Chargers. No one remembers.

    The list goes on. We tend to remember sports heroes at their peak, not their end.
  5. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Jordan is the only athlete listed who retired while playing at a high level and then returned. He is also in a league of his own and no other professional athlete compares.

    Montana and Unitas are decent examples. But neither retired and then returned. Neither played for a division rival.

    And, for many, playing too long did harm their legacy just as I feel McNair did. Are you saying no Titans fans now have a lessor option of #9 because he ended his career as a Raven?

    If Farve goes off to Miami, it's probably no biggie. But if he goes to Minnesota, then that changes everything, IMO.

    I'm not saying Farve won't be a top 10 QB if he returns either. But personally, I'm tired of reading about it and him jerking the Packers front office around. I wonder if some of his own fans are getting tired of it? There are a ton of mixed feelings...
  6. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    The list of retired players who returned is less than a handful. We have to give examples of more realistic situations to compare.

    While McNair and Favre would lose some fans, they gain far more playing their new cities. Just think about the numbers. Take Clyde Drexler for example. He had all of Portland and Houston rooting for him when he won his championship with Olajuwon. Most Warren Moon fans were excited to see his success in Minnesota, and tuned in to watch. So he had Houston and Minnesota in the palm of his hand. Instead of one city, you now have 1 new city + 1-X old city rooting for you. Which is more than you would have had before.

    I think the weight of the old fans is measured, because they do get sick of it. I knowone fan already who called him an idiot who lives in wisconsin. So I totally get it. But that cannot measure against the new fans generated. This sickness is heavily outweighed. It just hard to see that in any situation because it hasn't happened yet. But once Favre is back on the field most of the nation will forget. Some Packer fans will fall off. But a whole nother city of a few million people will latch on.
  7. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    Here's the funny part. Madden Cover.
  8. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    This is strait up absurd. Brett Favre ruining his legacy? Are you kidding me? Do you really think that in 2025 people will say 'O yeah but he just wouldn't retire in a timely fashion, he was overhyped'....let me answer...hell no they won't. First of all, we're talking about arguably a top 5 QB of all time and the most durable player in the history of professional sports, he hasn't missed a single game since the early 90's, if he wants to come back and play then he's damn sure earned the right. Secondly, not only is he one of the most loved and cherished players of all time, no one on this entire forum can name 4 QBs who had an all around better year then Favre last year because there weren't 4 of them. Screw Aaron Rodgers, screw the Packers front office, if Favre wants to come back and try to seal his legacy with a ring then I say until he misses a single game then he's got the right to do just that. And to the clowns who say that GB is years behind schedule because of Favre, you must not be watching the same NFL as me because unless I'm mistaken Favre and the Packers were in the NFC championship game last year and pushed the future SB Champion Giants to overtime...doesn't sound like they're too far behind schedule to me.
  9. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    The only thing comparable about McNair and Favre is that they both live in Mississippi. Though I love McNair every bit as much as the next Titans fan, McNair doesn't have half the fanbase that Favre does, people all over the nation watch the packers just because of Favre. I'm a native New Yorker and a Giants fan and I even found myself rooting for Favre and the Pack in the NFC championship game. I don't think Favre would have to move cities to gain new fans, I think he is nationally loved and respected as a Packer, and I really don't know that any other teams/ fans would really want him. Maybe ATL, maybe Detroit, maybe Chicago, but theres no way he'd play in Chi town and I doubt any other team would trade for him. Interesting situation
  10. Tackhead #9

    Tackhead #9 Harder, better, faster, stronger

    Oh wow. It was funny reading the first page of this topic and saying 'What? How can you say he had a bad year?' Then realising it was from 2005. :lol:
    But I agree that Favre isn't really killing his legacy. He's looking indecisive and it's really killing the impact of retirement if/when it does come, but when 30 years have passed, people aren't really going to be paying attention to how he finished his career. A fair few HOF players, if you look at their stats, ended their careers on a pretty low note. Do we care that Warren Moon closed his career with two barely played seasons in Kansas City?

    The overall numbers will last forever. How much Brett changes his mind on us will soon be forgotten. All that being said, I hope he does stick with retirement...
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