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    Summary: Munchak will have to be signed to an extension to get "good" coordinators.

    The widespread presumption regarding the Titans coaches after Bud Adams blasted their work is that change will come.

    It’s possible the owner could force coach Mike Munchak to make a move with a coordinator after Sunday’s game in Miami against the Dolphins, though I would be surprised.

    After the season, it’s possible the team could part with one or both coordinators -- Jerry Gray on defense and Chris Palmer on offense.

    Defenders have not gotten better under Gray. Several offensive players don’t appear to have good relationships with Palmer or believe enough in what he’s doing.

    Unless the rest of the season is a real dumpster fire, it would be really tough for Adams to fire Munchak after just two seasons. Munchak's a longtime player and coach for Adams' franchise, and one bad season in the top coaching job shouldn't wash away affection built up over nearly three decades.

    Munchak is a loyal guy, who was a longtime assistant to a loyal guy. Munchak’s also a smart guy, and maybe he will realize himself or agree he needs an upgrade or two.

    I wonder how much resistance Munchak will offer if Adams demands change.

    It’s not as if he chose Gray and Palmer in ideal circumstances.

    But he probably wouldn’t be choosing their replacements in ideal circumstances.

    When he took over for Jeff Fisher in 2011, Munchak signed a three-year contract.

    NFL coaches rarely go into a season as a lame duck. I don’t buy that it’s a terrible thing. I think it’s OK to ask a coach to prove himself in order to secure a new contract. The issue is his assistants.

    Munchak isn’t going to draw better coordinators if he’s only got one-year deals to offer them. The team isn’t going to give assistants longer deals than the head coach has.

    And so what do you do?

    You extend the head coach, even if you’re not sure he’s your long-term answer. You hope you can do so saying he had a good final seven games in 2012 after the owner demanded improvements.

    But even a good finish won’t mean it wasn’t a bad season.

    Out of a bad season that may get his coordinators fired, Munchak may wind up with increased job security.
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    Munchak may have the guts to step down at some point. That would be alright,

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    I feel he should be allowed to finish out what he started. It takes most good coaches 3 years to get their team on the right track. Why are fans so quick to turn on a guy after just 1.5 seasons? Not like we're used to playing in January anyways.

    As for extending him so he's more appealing to new coordinators, sure why not... We "extended" Michael Griffin, so why not Munch..

    And FWIW - Extending a player/coach does not mean they're staying for the duration of that contract.
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    To me, it just seems like if you have to prove to potential coordinators that you are going to be around for a while, then you need to look elsewhere. If you're good, then you don't have to worry about job security.

    The coordinator needs to prove that he is worthy enough to stick around.
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    Again, 9-7 was a good first year but losing to Indy when they were like 0-13 during a playoff chase is a major blow. There is no way they should have lost that game. This season has been a mess and the Lions game could have been a loss easily. I agree with those of you that say a coach needs at least 3 years, but if the off and def coaches are not getting it done and failing over and over then they need to be replaced at the end of the year.
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    I think, and hope one will be available, that we start fresh. Bring in a new head coach while our team is young. They will respond well since there is no long term loyalties with this staff. Let the new coach bring in coordinators. Fresh start like we DID NOT get with buttmunch.
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    When does this cycle end though? Get new coordinators - Oh, lets give them at least 2 years to implement their systems - their systems aren't working - lets get new coordinators. When does it end?

    This team has no fire, no passion on either side of the ball. They look like the epitome of a team that waits for things to happen instead of making them happen.
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    A lame duck head coach. We're right back where we were in February of 2011.

    Might as well just start over, but let's do it in January this time, Bud.
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    Agreed. We just made a gigantic circle and now we're right back where we started.
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    Maybe by the end of December we will have a better picture of who is going to be available to coach the team.