Information about TN the state?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Keystone27, Jan 6, 2014.

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    well at least you wont be a damn yanquee
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    Well then I'd say East TN should be right up your alley. You'll get 4 seasons in TN, which is nice.
  4. titanswinnow

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    hahaha No. hope you like the outdoors. When I go to Preds games I thing more people fill the arena than live there.
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    Deuce Wayne has all the information about TN you'll ever need to know.

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    Move to Kimball, TN.. I love going to that place when I head to Nashville for a game.

    So quiet, great scenery and super nice people.. If I had to live anywhere in TN, it would be in Kimball or Franklin, TN..
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  7. RavensShallBurn

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    My advice for you would be to stay in AZ.

    But I am a pretty big TN hater outside of middle TN.
  8. NewHorizans

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    LOL, well you are in luck, my wife is from that area. Her family still lives around there. I literally go there like once or twice a year for something. Usually just drive through it on my way to Gatlinburg. Sevierville is like a farm mountain community. It's large enough where they have a newer area where the Walmart, fast food to medium level chain restaurants, one movie theater, etc. Yet it's mainly made up of new and old areas of land. Large farms, to random cabins for buy or rent. Area has a few apartments and neighborhood of houses.

    If you are a good size city / suburban type person, then you will hate living there. You also have to be used to tourists and be ok driving in lots of random traffic. Pigeon Forge is like redneck Disneyland. 15+ different go cart/mini golf/arcades/bungee ride places all in a row for like 5 Miles. You will be driving through all that until you learn back roads if you need to get to I-40 to go to Knoxville / Nashville /West or anywhere further east of TN.

    Gatlinburg is further up the mountains, so it's a nicer area. But the town itself while cool in places, is like a country Germany influence type tourist mountain town. Great views of the mountains. Great aquarium, some great restaurants, even skiing. Random times of the year the area is PACKED with people. Like living in Panama City during Spring Break.

    While there are large amounts of tourist traffic, the majority of the year, it's a normal small town feel, just spread out at times. Which means crime is limited to small time thief, small time drug usage, public vacation drunkingness, etc. Their biggest crime is very random meth lab in the deeper farm areas. Maybe illegal moon shining too. But nothing big time beyond that.

    If you have a good job and want to live in that type of area, then don't feel held back. From a Titans Fan stand point, I live in Nashville, and have literally left Gatlinburg at 5am just to make the noon Titans game in time for a few hours of tailgating. It's about 5 hr drive with traffic. Less if you don't hit any slow traffic, going to game you gain an hour luckily. Hope this post helps!
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    Sevieville is the EXACT opposite of living in Phoenix. Nashville would be the closest but still a lot smaller in population. Knoxville is MUCH smaller college town. Memphis has got all the crime.

    Honestly, if you think you will miss the feel of Phoenix, you should find a job in Nashville or surrounding areas like Brentwood/Franklin area. There are many close counties with outdoor things that aren't that far away. Sevieville is like living in those outdoor areas only up you have to go through or around tourists
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    Extremely helpful posts guys. I'm definitely not wanting to move to a place like Phoenix, way to big, over populated, no seasonal change...unfortunately the only town available right now I could transfer too is severville
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