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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by GLinks, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    I've been thinking a lot about the Titans return to an aggressive defense, the possibility of missing a top DT/DE due to our current projected draft position - out of the top 10 and heading toward the middle - and the more I look at this guy, the more I like him...Rolando McClain, MLB, Alabama.

    The guy's only a junior, but is 6'3" and 256 lbs. He needs a little coverage work, but is okay. Stuffs the run, and can blitz. He's considered, I think, this year's Patrick Willis (and with two picks in round one this year, I bet Singletary would love to add him SF's inside beside Patrick).

    When we don't have dominant DTs - though we've been doing not bad at all I must say - we need to add something to the interior. If Bulluck is not retained, and McRath will likely take the WILL position in time, McClain could be a perfect addition (better than Spikes, IMO). Tulloch could take the SAM over for Thornton, and McClain would go to the interior. Also, if KB isn't re-signed, Thornton could take that spot next year, giving McRath another year of development, Tulloch could move to SAM, and McClain could possibly start the year on the inside.

    Did I mention he runs a 4.6 as well? Guy's a beast. He would be our Ray Ray type. Minor off field issues, but undisputed leader on defense, and does very well in the classroom also.

    I'm liking this pick right now. It's early yet, but I've found some scouting stuff to add.

    From fftoolbox.com:

    "2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

    Rolando Mcclain, ILB, Alabama
    McClain has been a consistent force for Alabama ever since arriving on campus in 2007. He played in all 13 games as a freshman, and started eight before really exploding into prominence as a sophomore. McClain led the team with 95 tackles last season -- including 12 for a loss -- and was a finalist for the Butkus Award (given to the nation's best linebacker). Through five games of the current season, McClain is playing like he wants to be the winner of that award this time around. He is the undisputed leader of a defense that has been dominant most of the time, and -- at the very least -- able to keep the Crimson Tide undefeated heading into the second half of the 2009 campaign.
    The Atlanta, Georgia product is well-respected as one of the biggest hitters and most feared defenders at the college level, and why not? McClain stands in at 6'4'' and 256 pounds and he reportedly runs a 4.6 in the 40-year-dash. That's a scary combination of size and speed to say the least. He has had some minor off-the-field problems in the past, but nothing that has developed into a major red flag or any kind of case for real concern. Plus, he is an Honor Roll student in the classroom and has earned rave reviews from Alabama coaches regarding his work at spring practices. Assuming McClain leaves after his junior season, he could find himself in the Top 10 of the draft if he finishes well and produces at the combine."

    From Broncomadness.com:

    "Strengths: Very versatile, Can play in either 3-4 or a 4-3 at both ILB or OLB … Very solid tackler, rarely misses … Good blitzer … Playmaker … Is very decisive on the field, knows when to stay back and when to blitz … Fast for his size (6-4, 260) … Quite productive with great upside.

    Weaknesses: Needs to work on dropping back into coverage … Displays some immaturity off the field … Might be a bit big for the position of Outside Linebacker … Doesn’t have much hype or buzz right now.

    Overview: The key word when describing Rolando McClain is versatile. McClain can play any Linebacker position on any team. That should make him a hot commodity on draft day. His decisiveness should also make himself very popular to scouts. Unlike most Inside Linebackers, he probably won’t drop out of the first round because he can also play other positions much like Patrick Willis from a few years ago. "
  2. AH3

    AH3 Rookie

    I like him too. I'd be fine with either him or Spikes honestly. Both are very good players, though I'd give the slight edge to McClain. Unless Suh or Berry is still there, LB is where we should go. At least one, if not both, of these guys should fall to us.
  3. titansfan89

    titansfan89 Starter

    Tulloch, McRath, Thornton, and some other LB to perhaps replace Bulluck...McClain could be that guy for us
  4. Yossarian

    Yossarian I am Him.

    I love McClain as our number 1 pick, Spikes would be my 2nd choice.
  5. DCMobInc

    DCMobInc R.I.P Air McNair #9

    Well I hate the Gators, but Spikes or Haden would be good picks for the Titans.
  6. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    is a middle linebacker worth a first round pick in this division? we have to play the colts and texans twice a year, and with the amount of three wide receiver sets they play he won't be seeing the field a whole lot on second and third down.

    i think the team would be happy to start tulloch, mcrath and keglar if bulluck isn't retained, but i think bulluck gets tagged, especially if there is no salary cap in 2010.
  7. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    McClain is a VERY good player, but I think the Titans should keep the guys they have at LB. Tulloch has developed nicely and is still getting better (especially in pass coverage for a MLB) and Bulluck is easily our best LB. McGrath could take over for Thornton after next year. It doesn't make sense to give up our best LB (one of the top 3 players on defense if not the best) only to spend our first pick in the draft to replace him. It doesn't improve the team. You do this kind of thing when you have cap problems...which we DON'T have.

    It makes more sense to draft a top CB to replace Harper (who's old and declining) to UPGRADE the defense. The other option would be a TOP DL to get back to having a dominant front 4 again. Personally, I'd keep Bulluck and Tulloch and look at Hayes and Ford as our starting DE's then look at upgrading CB, DE or OC/OG. Of course, if we can sign a big time free agent or 2, our draft can go back to best player available at a myriad of positions.

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  8. Tfan56

    Tfan56 Camp Fodder


    I don't think Bulluck will be with us next year, and I don't think thornton is a very good LB. Call me crazy but I'd think about Taylor Mays as a project OLB high risk for it and deff could be high reward, and Titans need a mean player. Trevard Lindley will probably drop to 3rd round if he does we deff should snatch him.
  9. Raistmagic

    Raistmagic Starter

    I would love to see Rolando playing for the titans but I think that corner is a bigger need.

    I'm not certain that Rolando would make a great OLB if we're talking about replacing Bulluck. As far as MLB, Tulloch is still young and has potential so I think it'd be a waste to spend our 1st pick there.

    However, if the staff thinks he can play OLB, then go for it.
  10. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Would you agree that Bulluck is our best LB? If yes, why would you not re-sign him and then spend your first rnd pick on a project you HOPE can be as good?

    Doesn't that make the defense worse WITH spending our first rnd pick?

    Wouldn't it make more sense to re-sign Bulluck and draft a top CB, DT, or DE to UPGRADE the current defense?

    If they choose not to re-sign Bulluck, then you have the debate as to whether or not McGrath can play as well as someone they draft as a rookie this year. Will they keep Tulloch or are we letting go prhaps our best 2 LB's? Also keep in mind we play a tremendous amount of Nickel and that Tulloch is our 3rd best cover LB behind Bulluck and Thornton. Drafting a run stuffing guy will probably not help the defense in the short run if that LB can't cover because at best he'll play 50% of the snaps. If both Bulluck and Tulloch go, our defense will get worse next year unless we sign some free agents and draft very well. No more wasted picks on 3rd and 4th string players (TE) when we don't have adequate 2nd stringers at vital positions (CB, OL, S).

    Most likely, we will have a choice of WR, RB, OG/OC, DE, DT, LB, CB and perhaps S for our first rnd pick. If we're smart about who we keep and which free agents we sign, we can focus on 1 of perhaps 2 or 3 positions we'd like to use our first rnd pick on and hope to match need with best player available.

    No WAY would I attempt to draft Taylor Mays to play OLB. He's a boom or bust player at S already. He has the athleticism, but he sometimes takes bad angles and is most interested in trying to knock people out than tackling than or intercepting the ball. He's a better athlete than football player at this point. He could be a Sean Taylor type or a bust. His athletic advantage will be smaller or neglible when he gets to the NFL so he's gonna have to learn to play within a system in a hurry or be a special teams demon until he does.

    Right now, he doesn't take on blockers at all and is a deep CF most of the time. He also has no experience with the reads and keys a LB has so moving him there or to CB would be a huge gamble with a first rnd pick. What if he can only play S...is he gonna ride the bench for a few years til Hope leaves?

    Berry would be the only S to take with a high pick as he's an upgrade hands down. I seriously doubt he makes it out of the top 10 (perhaps not even past top 5) so we can probably forget about taking a S except for that Mays is from USC!

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