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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tim, Sep 15, 2013.

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    It's tough watching Locker right now, but as has been mentioned it seems many of the young QB's in the league are struggling. From this arm chair QB's perspective it seems that the game is still moving at warp speed for Jake. The only cure for that is playing more games (or valium with his pre-game meal... not sure if i'm kidding). The throw last throw to Britt on third and 1 seemed like pure panic. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't wonder at times if Fitz might be a better option yesterday, but lets face it, Fitz is a jag with zero upside and a penchant for turning the ball over. The team is best served by living with Locker in 13 and assessing his progress or lack thereof after the season.

    As I said in the preseason, the fact that the o-line wasn't able to play as a unit much, if at all during camp or in the preseason games is certainly effecting its play. But barring injuries they should only get better. Rob Turner has been rough... wonder if Schwenke is close to challenging for the job. I kinda doubt it, having a rookie center and guard starting along the line would probably mean more missed calls, and more unaccounted for pass rushers smacking #10.

    I'd be hard pressed to criticize anyone on the D right now. As expected Zach Brown is a stud.
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    All three interior linemen recieved a negative grade. They let a lot of pressure break through to hurry Locker. Levitre had 5 Qb hurries, Warmack had 3 Qb hurries, Turner had 1. However, it is only week 2 with 3 new interior line. I expect them to take some time to gel with each other and get comfortable together and improve together by week 4. Give credit to the Texans for having a good front 7 with a DOPY. Warmack is a rookie so you'll see the lows and the highs as he is improving each week. Turner had 2 straight bad games and I really just don't like him honestly. Don't think it was the right move starting him.

    Locker actually did ok under pressure however. When he was blitzed is when he played not so good.
    drop-back|att.|Com.|Com.%|Yds|Yds/Att.|TD|Sk|NFLrating|PFF Rating
    No pressure 20 20 12 60.0 109 5.5 1 0 91.5 -0.9
    Plays under pressure 15 10 5 50.0 47 4.7 1 4 96.7 1.3
    When not blitzed 21 18 10 55.6 111 6.2 2 2 111.1 1.5
    When blitzed 14 12 7 58.3 45 3.8 0 2 66.3 -1.1
    All Plays 35 30 17 56.7 156 5.2 2 4 93.2 0.4

    Verner was rated a 3.5. Through the season he has 15 Targets, only allowed 5 catches for 90 yards with 2 picks. Qb rating thrown at him is a 15.3
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    Fitzpatrick gives us a chance...

    Sucks this is probably the 2nd team we've seen in the past decade that was a QB away from contending and we still haven't figured it out.

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    My after week 2 thoughts

    - Gregg Williams is a baller
    - We have two playmakers on D: Casey & Brown
    - Morgan is finally the player we wanted him to be
    - Ayers needs to get healthy
    - Pollard has changed the face of the D
    - Locker is still inaccurate
    - CJ2K has improved, willing to get 3-4 yards vs looking for a homerun
    - OL is better and will improve weekly
    - Schwenke needs to take over
    - Loggains needs to open up the playbook
    - Make or break year for Locker
    - Playoffs should be in our future
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    I mean, he is right... this is a contending team with a good QB, but Fitzpatrick isn't the answer.

    Weird how, as a VY fan, he says this even though the last time we were a contender it was with KFC - and I don't want anyone here to say that we would've been better with VY that year. No.
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    KFC was like hot garbage, the longer he was out there, there more he stunk. Jake Locker gets better every game.
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    Not true in 2008. He was a great game manager for us and delivered when asked to.

    But yea, as the years went on KFC obviously got worse as the seasons progressed.
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    I hate to be the "what if" guy... but imagine if we took Watt instead of Locker, following year took Russell Wilson. We'd be a super bowl contending team. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.
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