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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KamikaZ, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. VY moves teams to the red zone, even with 3rd and longs. titan coaches still don't believe, BUT they will. so will the rest of the NFL. VY is the most dangerous player in the NFL and he isn't even playing yet. don't get panties in a wad, same thing happened in high school and college, yet everybody came around.
  2. well u would kno, so i hope ur right about this one, and i believe that u are right, because he just sends out this vibe, that they even made a video about on youtube, so i believe its only time until they let him do what he does and he starts to dominate
  3. PhiSlammaJamma

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    mmmmmm, humble pie.
  4. vnomus2

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    Billy Volek needs to be the starter of this team. He has earned the right to get the start. He wasn't given a chance in the preseason. He played one quarter a game. Everyone has a hardon to get Vince in the game. Vince is one hell of a talented athlete, but he is a long way from being a good NFL caliber QB. However, Kerry Collins got dumped in Oakland for Aaron Brooks. That says something about Kerry's diminishing skills. This is Billys team, they trust Billy they want Billy in there so come on Jeffy make the right call. Make # 7 the starter in Miami.
  5. u are blind about vince
  6. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    there you go, fixed it for you :))
  7. i would agree with bigtitan
  8. Sukrillux

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    I expected Collins to start today, but I didn't expect him to finish. I knew that they wanted to really bury Volek by putting the 2 week Titan in front of him. They failed in humiliating Volek. They did the exact opposite. I was watching and I was baffled to see Young only get a few reps given the situation. Young showed that he was in a comfortable place in the NFL. I got tickled to see Young bobbing his head as if he was listening to music out there... He brought me back to some of the Texas games. That's Vince Young. It's how he is so relaxed. The Titans would have won that game if Young would have stayed in. I am not saying that he should be the starter yet. He is definitely capable to be a good starter, but he needs to see how a vet (preferably Volek) throws a deep ball. There are a few... only a few... other things that he needs to get down and he will be great. I do know that Volek would have at least had more chemistry with his receivers. Chemistry is 80 to 90 percent of the factor in a 2 minute drill. You have to be able to know what a certain player will do in such a situation. I know that I am either preaching to the choir or the pitchforks, but I think Volek could have won that game for the Titans. Yes, there needed to be more of VY in there, but don't start him yet. He learns quick. He may be ready as soon as the Houston game, but Fish will try to avoid starting him all year IMO. It was nice to see the D step up in certain spots. If it wasn't for them making nice plays resulting in turnovers, this game could have been a shut out. Okay, maybe a couple of Bironas FGs, but nothing more.
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    Serve me up a big piece of that pie. I thought Collins would be no worse than Volek and at least demonstrate veterans skills. An intentional grounding in the MIDDLE of the field? 4 balls batted/stuffed back at him by a weak D-Line? Balls thrown away after 1 read? For those of you not at the field- it was ugly. The boos were louder than the cheers until the 4th quarter. Which by the way was an ugly offensive performance except for short yardage situations.

    I was wrong. Collins is horrible. I'm ready to throw Chow in there also. He's given us nothng but excuses for 2 years now.
  10. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    i would argue that was a pretty crappy call.

    but i thought it was interesting that collins had all those balls batted down. i thought vince was the one who was supposed to have that happen.
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