"If" one of the top 3 QBs fell

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Would the Titans draft one of the top 3 QBs if they fell to #11?

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    2011 class really sucked.

    That year I had only Newton, Locker, Dalton, Mallett, and was on the fence about Ponder as being draft worthy QB's.

    I'll admit I totally missed on Kaepernick, but after seeing he had a Vince Young jersey in his closet I was like pass. Plus the first time I heard him speak I thought I was listening to a meth dealer.
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  2. The Hammer

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    Agreed. This is just fodder to fill time on the NFL Network.
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  3. xhrr

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    They said no RB which is a well no **** statement and CB in round 1 nothing about QB. Yeah exactly, everything they are saying about Jake is coaches speak.
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  4. xhrr

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    I wouldn't say it sucked. Newton is very good bordering elite if he ever got a damn wideout to throw to. Dalton at least can stay healthy enough to game manage his team to three straight playoffs and Kaep has done some decent things. It's not like when VY, Leinart, and Cutler came out.
  5. The Playmaker

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    This past season and early part of the off season I was against drafting a QB in the 1st round. Main reason was I didn't expect Bridgewater to be there (not a big Bortles guy and Manziel is boom/bust). Locker has 1 year left on his deal and if he can't stay healthy or can't produce then we'll just draft a QB next year. Well, my opinion has changed quite a bit over the past few weeks.

    1. I'm tired of not having a QB that I can be confident in since McNair left. VY showed some promise but was about as mature as one of those kids on the AT&T commercials. Then we've had fillers in Collins and Hasselbeck and now we have Locker who I love but he can't stay on the field. Can't help but feel like if the Titans actually had a QB who could stay on the field all 16 games and make some plays then our franchise would be in a much better position.

    2. I don't see a huge need anywhere else. Hmm take a potential franchise QB or pass rusher? Same price and I think Bridgewater will have a lot more of an impact than Barr. Not saying I wouldn't want Barr but if you gave me the choice I'm going Bridgewater. Gilbert is another guy I really like and I may be one of the few that's not all that crazy about our roster at CB but that need can still be addressed later on or through free agency.

    3. I would feel a lot better going into next year knowing there is still something to get out of this season if/when Locker goes down again. Last year when Fitz took over we knew the season was over, it didn't matter if we finished 8-8 or 6-10 our biggest concern was still there and that was Locker's health. By drafting Bridgewater not only would we actually still play in meaningful games but we would already have our next guy out there gaining experience instead of having to wait till next year and presumably another rough season as the new guy goes through growing pains.

    If Bridgewater is there and we pass, I may actually cry. If he's not there and it's Bortles or Manziel, then it becomes a much bigger debate.
  6. JR1980

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    Yeah, I think it's time that they draft someone to replace Locker, or at least to compete and put in if Locker goes down. It's been 3 years and the Titans have a giant question mark at QB...ESPECIALLY now with Whitehurst/Wilson backing him up. I think that a QB will be drafted and early this year....
  7. RollTide

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    I think it is the top 4 with Carr every bit the equal of the other 3, i actually like him better than Bridgewater.

    The issue is if 2 of those 4 guys are still on the board are we compelled to take one of them? That's a lot of value with the 11th pick if they sincerely believe a guy has what it takes to be a franchise QB in the nfl. If Carr and Bridgewater both are still on the board which is very possible i think we should take a shot at one. Same with Carr and Manziel or Carr and Bortles.

    More and more it is looking like only 2 QBs will come off in the first 10 picks. If that happens is that an opportunity we have to jump on? I think so.
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  8. Ontario Titan

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  9. Ensconatus

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    I agree. At this point, you swing for the fences. Bortles is the only one I get sketchy about. Too many inaccuracies... And as we've seen numerous times... They don't get more accurate.

    I'm far from a JohnnyOVO fan, but I'd still draft him with the hope of reigning him in a bit.
  10. Ontario Titan

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    It will be interesting to see what the Texans do at 1...especially if they go Clowney...4 teams in top 5 need or could go QB...I didn't count St. Louis but who knows with Bradford??
  11. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    Think about the QB thing this way though; Locker showed flashes last year and was playing extremely well before he got hurt. What if Locker comes in and plays lights out and stays healthy all season, then you have a 1st round pick that has done nothing but sit on the bench the entire year and contributed nothing.

    That's my fear. We need impact players that will see the field and come in and start immediately. With a QB competition it's completely possible that Locker plays better in the pre-season and wins the job over a #11 draft pick.

    However, I would be open to this scenario. Say we do take one of the QBs at #11, then we put Jake on the trading block. If we could get a 2nd out of him from a team that needs a QB or a good backup I'm all for that. My fear is having 2, 1st round QBs on the roster and one of them sitting and not contributing.