If Locker is out for the season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tim, Sep 29, 2013.

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    The time difference is killing me. This is the first comment I make about the game in general. What a game, strait domination, but I'll get to the positives and negatives later....

    Hurry up and wake up people, give me an update on our QB!!! First I heard a couple weeks, then possibly CAREER ENDING (sounds a bit off, I really hope so at least), then now I'm hearing 6 weeks? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! LOL
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    You sure you wanna look like JCBRAVE ?
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    I'm with you on that. I don't see why Fitzpatrick makes us so much worse though. I feel at this exact moment in time Locker is not leaps and bounds better than Fitz. I'm not so sure he's better at all. I would call it almost a draw. Locker definitely has the higher upside and needs the experience, but as of 5:26 am Monday Sept 30th 2013 you can't convince me Locker is far superior to Fitz. Hopefully I still feel this way in a couple weeks.
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    If Locker is out 3-6 weeks, then we roll with Fitz and pray that we can at least tread water until after the bye week. If Locker is out for the year, then I think we cut bait and start looking for a new QB. There is a reason why Locker has been on this team for three years and hasn't started 16 games. If you can't stay on the field, you can't be a franchise QB. His ceiling is higher than Fitz's, but it is not so high that you go into year 4 of this experiment and he hasn't played 16 games.

    With the weapons on O (Hunter looks good, Walker was a great addition, the O-line is coming together), this is a playoff team with a consistent passer. Locker just isn't consistent enough with his arm and doesn't make enough plays with his legs to compensate. Couple that with his fragile body and a franchise QB he isn't. Locker is a quality backup, at most.
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    Great win, but obviously sucks because of Locker injury. I am going to try to be as objective as possible. Hopefully Locker is only out for 4-6 weeks. Yes, he was playing very well and was starting to look like his potential was turning into actual big time results. No turnovers, game-winning drives, massive runs. Props to Jake, get well soon.

    That being said, Fitz is more than capable of carrying of stepping in and performing well. He is ridiculously intelligent, and will absolutely do everything in his power to be prepared for the upcoming game. He was a decent QB in Buffalo, and honestly I think the situation now in Tennessee is better than it ever was for him in Buffalo. Let's hope he plays well, can go 2-2 in the next 4 games, and then Mr. Locker gets back.

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    Are you serious, you think if hes out the year we'll cut him? Never happening. Jake will see his rookie contract through.
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    Good time to give props to Webster for having Fitz on board. His foresight has minimized the impact of this injury. Imagine if we had to rely on Rusty.
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    I can't imagine that, if it was on rusty then I would definitely say we would have went for freeman for sure.
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    cautious optimism is 4-6 weeks.
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    It's Fitzmagic time! He can hold the fort for a while. Let's hope it is not all season. And let's hope we do not need to see Rusty.