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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. TitansCountry25

    TitansCountry25 Veteran

    I wonder how Floyd feels now after seeing Mason put 100 yds plus on the Vikings for the despised Balt Ravens and eliminating the Vikings from the playoffs. As well as putting us in such a Cap problem we cannot and will not get away from that no team is or has ever gone through. Every other team seems to be doing ok or not near the crap were doing.Ok maybe the 49ers but please tell me were not heading that direction. Name me a team that in one year has released the type of talent we have and have NOTHING TO show for it. No Recivers, No DEFENSE, no running game, no passing game, NOTHING thats where Floyd has left us we squeeeeked out 4 victories against the NFLS worst so I wonder I just wonder how Floyd Reese feels. How does Titan nation feel stop kidding yourself this is not going to get any better show me tell me how this is gonna get better. GET mad get pissed off this is our team and this team does not have a HEARTBEAT they just lolly gag every where with little or no passion shown much at all this season. This is our team
  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    these things happen in the salary cap era. the jags went through it, the 49ers went through it, the bucs went through it. all teams will eventually have to let players go because they start to push money into the future. in the nfl, you have a five year window to get a super bowl ring. our window has shut. in a year or two it will start to crack open again.

    wait two years. you'll see philly, indy, seattle and probably 2 other teams go through what we're going through now. this is what the league wants. it wants parity.

    this isnt college football. new, blue chip, top recruits don't come in every single year. the nfl is a business, and business is filled with tough decisions.

    i swear, some people just have no clue on how the nfl works now a days. this isnt the 70's when the steelers and cowboys could stack their rosters year after year with talent and throw guys on in the IR just to develope them.

    In the nfl you have a five year window to get a super bowl ring. our window has shut. in two years it will start to crack open again.

    answer me this. would you rather have reese restructure mason, carter, rolle, miller, olsen, piller, hopkins and mcnair all last year just so we could push even more money into the future for just one more good year? or would you rather just take the hit in one year, take your lumps for 2-3 years while you re-tool, and become a solid team again?
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    no team has gone through it? pfft do you realise there are 31 other teams in the NFL.

    Baltimore released a tonne of talent.
    Bucs, Jags, 49ers all went through it.

    We aint the first nor the last to go through it.

    well said.
  4. TitansCountry25

    TitansCountry25 Veteran

    Well, I think the Jags have been able to hold on to people like Jimmy Smith, Byron Leftwich, Mark Brunell if they wanted him, there Starting RB Taylor, basically some of their key componets the only person the Titans were able to hold on to was Steve Mcnair and I hope to god we are not heading towards the 49er situation cause they havent been a contender in years. I know how the NFL works but you will not see in one year the patriots giving up Willie Mcginist, David Givens, Corey Dillion, Adam Vineterri, Tom Brady, Ted Bruschi all in the same off season ok. I know Reese was trying to hold on to the core group to make the Super Bowl Run but you dont give up the only Reciver this team had ever counted on (not talking about Oiler days) It is just frustrating to see all of our talent on other teams with nothing or nobody to show for it and its showing now and will for a few years to come when or if we can find players like D Mason which is not likely.
  5. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    yep, and the Colts are next !!!! :toast:
  6. You are wrong. Jimmy Smith was just about the only veteran they could hold on to. Fred Taylor was still in his rookie contract, so he was cheap. Leftwich wasn't even around in the cap hell days. They had to let go of TONS of veterans.

    The Jags were WAY over the cap and slashed and burned their roster. And even then, the only reason they got bailed out was because the Texans took 3 high priced players in the expansion draft (Boselli, Walker, and Payne). If not for that, the Jags probably would have had no way to get under the salary cap without the league coming in and terminating a bunch of contracts.

    They only cut a few big-money guys. Just enough to get them out of cap jail in the future.

    As for the 49ers, their problem is bad management. That has never been a problem under Floyd Reese. He's the guy who put together a Super Bowl contender in the first place.

    Mason is over 30 and it would have been a bad idea to give him a big long term contract (even if we could have afforded it). It's not like we'd be a winning team if we just had Mason...
  7. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    And, I can't wait!! :lol:
  8. Bennett83

    Bennett83 Guest

    I think that was unintentional but still made me chuckle.....:ha:
  9. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    Country my friend, you are simply misinformed.
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