I Love These Nerds On ESPN regarding CJ and Fantasy Football

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by GrandMajesty1, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. GrandMajesty1

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    What a bunch of dorks....I mean, really....these idiots are down playing a running back in (Chris Johnson) that has "never" missed an NFL start, has rushed for over 1000yds in every year he has played...holds numerous records, including the most (longest touchdown runs in NFL history), has NEVER been injured, and more importantly has already joined the NFL's 2000 yd club.....

    As fans, we always want the best, and even "I" myself got a little frustrating waiting to see him get going in 2011 and hated watching him struggle in games of gaining only 12, 24, and sometimes 11 yards....but in the long run, having a player of his talent and caliber (at 27) on a team that many across the country give any regards to is a beautiful thing....a player who at anytime when he touches the football, is a treat to take it to the house......

    What's even worse, are these complete (non-athletic) dorks, who were probably picked on in high school and barely were even able to "catch a football" let alone play on the team....how in the world can you play (players) like Maurice-Jones Drew, Jamal Charles, CJ Spiller, Ray Rice and "yes" even Frank Gore over a player like Chris Johnson??? Jones-Drew has gone over the 1000 yd mark only three times in his entire career and has been in the league since 2006....Charles has had a few 1000 yd seasons, but not even close to the caliber of player Johnson is....

    In closing, when defenses only have to game plan around "one guy" on offense, dis-regard the wide receivers, and blast through an average offensive line to close the gaps on that "one player", yeah, it's a little tough to always rush for 2000 plus yards and 15 plus touchdowns every season...and by the way, if most outside of Nashville hasn't noticed....Munchak and company barely allow Johnson to even glance at the end zone when the Titans are inside the five yard line as of late.....

    One more thing....DORKS!!!!
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  2. The Playmaker

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  3. RTH

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    Meh... if Fantasy Football was decided by total stats at the end of the season, sure... but every player I've been against in a league that has taken him ends up in the middle of the pack. He's just not been consistent. 500 yards in one game, 30 in the next...
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    TJ, post count for thread making ok?
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    I agree as far as "taking him" and ending up sometimes frustrated or "in the middle of the pack," but when they say Maurice-Jones Drew or Jamal Charles are better "picks" its just plain stupid...in fantasy football, as we all know, it takes not just "one" player to win the league, and aside from Adrianne Peterson and the "all of a sudden Arian Foster" don't really think it's fair to label him the way they did, and sounded "if you heard what they were saying" pretty stupid I.M.O....
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    Man, if we were mods...
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    I thought there was one. Pretty sure I could not make a thread until I had been a member for a couple weeks and had some posts under my belt.

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    We get inside the 5-yard line now?

    Must have missed that.

    Yes your boy C.J. can be explosive, and sure, we had a terrible O-Line, but Chris Johnson isn't worth a top fantasy pick, he just isn't. No RB is except Adrian Peterson. Im not taking a RB til the 4th round probably, there's just too many on the same level. Get your QB and WR's early.

    He can't make his own yards (unless he cuts back) but now guys play contain and tackle him laying down. He's not the player you think he is.
  10. The Hammer

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