How many starting spots are up for grabs right now

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Austin_Bill, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill Camp Fodder

    Looking at our depth chart how many starting spots need to be filled or starters need to be replaced.

    Going into this draft ideally we need to fill a minimum of about 4 spots, and we need depth at maybe 4 others.

    RG B Olsen retired and right now I believe we have Leroy Harris penciled in to start in his place. I'm not too happy with that and I really hope we can find a starter to replace him in this draft or it will be a huge need in the 2k9 draft.

    LT - Mike Roos is starting and did an ok job last year but I still would like to upgrade this spot though with more pressing needs it probably can wait til next year to be addressed.

    WR - This position has been beaten to death but I think we have one solid starter in Gage and two decent backups but we need a #1 guy in a desperate way.

    RB - We are solid but could use some speed I would look to fill the spot of 3rd down back somewhere in the 2nd or third round.

    QB - For now we are locked up but eventually we are going to need a new backup which more than likely we will fill through free agency. The real key is if Vince can develop into the third pick we thought we got. I give him two more years before we start looking at the draft.

    DE - We lost Leboy and Odom to free agency but picked up Kearse. We need a starter opposite KVB and would definitely use either our 1st or 2nd round pick to address this spot.

    DT - right now it really isn't a need as long as we stay healthy. If however we find one we really like in the draft I guarantee we should pick one.

    LB - No upgrade is needed right now.

    DB - Everything depends on what happens with pacman we need depth right now and I expect to fill that in the mid rounds, most probably the 4th. however if by some miracle we decide to keep pacman then we are set here until he gets himself kicked out permanently.

    ST - Again this comes down to Pacman if he is still on the team then we are set in kick off and punt returner but if not we will need to address this spot.

    By my count we need a starting DE, WR, OG, and KR in this draft and we need depth in DT OT RB and CB

  2. vslyke

    vslyke In Dinger We Trust

    The G where Scott is not starting, WR, TE, DE opposite KVB, MLB, and CB (Harper vs. the field). 6 are open in my opinion with TE and MLB being almost sewn up by Crumpler and Fowler.
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    lol upgrade Michael Roos? Dude got All-Pro votes last year, OK players don't get All-Pro votes.
  4. BigRed3

    BigRed3 Straight Cash, Homey

    I agree with a lot of what you said, except for left tackle. Roos is a stud
  5. OswegoTitan41

    OswegoTitan41 Starter

    yeah, roos is a monster, excellent young player
  6. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto


    More LB's wouldn't hurt
  7. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill Camp Fodder

    I should restate that, I like Roos on the online just not at left tackle I think he is a more natural right tackle and if we were to upgrade the tackles it would be to get an elite left tackle and move him to right.
  8. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    did u not follow us this yr....everyone is sayin we are set at T. both roos and stewy are excellent. n i hear good things bout loper so we r actually fine there....

    me personally thinkin
    RB - White did not lock it up...if henry focuses he can take over fast. not sure we need to spend such a high pick on a RB 3 yrs in a row..

    WR - no comment

    MLB - although fowler is the 'starter' i would really like to c tully win out in camp an start

    DE - depth needed in case Kearse doesnt return tio form (im really hopin he does....hahhaa missed him on the line)
  9. Smash

    Smash 2017 Survivor Winner

    OLB is gonna be a need soon. Thornton is turning 30 this year, Bulluck 31. Bulluck was benched the first 2 seasons, so it might be a good idea to draft his replacement this year and let him learn from those two.
  10. Kid Gloves

    Kid Gloves Guest

    All starting spots should be up for grabs, each and every season.
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