How do we match up against the Texans?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Well, in any game the turnover battle is HUGE. But aise from the obvious...

    The Texans will have a lot more success running then the Steelers. The front 7 except for whomever is covering Daniels and the LDE or LOLB (if left uncovered) needs to swarm to the ball. We did a great job of that against the Steelers!

    I mention the Left outside contain player...whether it be a LDE or a LB depending on our front, but the Texans kill us with run action left with a QB rollout to the right. Typically you'll see the unblocked defender chase the running back for a second then change back to the QB who already has enough time to find Daniels or AJ 15-20 yards deep on a crossing route or AJ deep anywhere. That player needs to forget the run and always attack the QB. We can stop one of their bread and butter big passing plays and potentially get a sack or 2 as well as a bunch of incompletions. Just in case Schaub does get it off, the guy covering Daniels has to stay with him until he knows a RB has the ball. Of course, the texans counter to this will be a purposeful misdirection run to the left then cutback under our force player who is chasing the QB. It will require changing our front and some keys, but well worth it.

    As someone said, I would expect to see the Titans play a lot of 3 S sets to give us better speed and better coverage against Daniels and in zones. Additionally, it gives us more options for rotations and will make it harder for Schaub to read which defense since he won't know if 2 S's in the box will stay there or where they may rotate too. When the SS is in the box and the FS moves to the deep Center, you have a good idea of what defenses you're against. But here, we could overload one side, play man, double anyone, have a 3 deep shell or play some trap coverages which we did here and there against Pitt (got a sack off one).

    With Williams, I expect us to have a defensive gameplan of Stop the run, don't give up big plays vs playaction, force them to pass on 2nd/3rd and longs and hit the QB to get 3 and outs, bang up the QB, and force some turnovers (fumbles or INTs). It will be interesting to see if the Titans put McCourty on AJ (or put Campbell on AJ on 3rd and longs) or start Verner and let the Texans dictate the matchup.

    On offense, we will run a lot and mix in the playaction pass as much as we can. I don't see us going deep too often because we will want to take higher percentage plays to move the chains, win the TOP and keep their O off the field (always wears down their D)! If we get behind or can't run,I expect us to go to more of a short passing game unless they are really loading the box and daring us to go deep.

    If Ed reed plays, Locker MUST NOT stare down WR's! I think that would also lead us to not throw deep down the middle or deep to Reed's side.

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    I am praying Ed Reed doesn't play.
  3. Smash

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    I think Casey has a taste for Schaubs.

    It'll be fun to see how our corners match up against the bigger Texans WRs. They (man)handled the small and quick Stooler-receivers pretty well, McCourty, Verner and Sensabaugh.
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