How come Kenny Britt doesn't get grilled like Chris Johnson?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TheSureThing, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. titan_fan_4ever

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    It makes me wonder how no one is 'grilling' K Wimbley - opposite that 1 sack against Brady, he actually has done NOTHING.

    I mean at least DM is there in run support, but wow, KW just gets eaten up big time, every time. He can't even get an arm on the RB to slow him down b/c he's too busy getting steamrolled.

    And when he has had a chance to tackle a RB, he has failed I think every time. This guy got paid a lot, to do a lot, and so far he hasn't done anything - and more importantly, I haven't seen anyone give him stig.

    As it stands now, just like with CJ and Griff, KW need to start earning those millions....

    I too agree with Britt, to a certain extent, that he isn't getting paid millions and was never actually a consistent performer. I have also been the one defending him a lot b/c of the ACL/MCL....

    After watching ALL-DAY run that hard and take a direct (hard) hit to his (previously injured) knee, I won't be defending Britt so much anymore. He needs to start producing NOW. I mean AP got injured in DEC of last year and look at him already. Britt got injured in just the Week 3, and nothing...

    I also REALLY REALLY think we need to look at our Medical Team, b/c our players really suck at recovering!! And this has really been the case for sooo long - about as long as I can remember.
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    CJ > AP

    ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ho aeh aeh aha ao aeh ha aha.
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    Nate Washington is the only good WR we have had since Mason left that actually is on the field almost every game. We have had horrible luck with our Wrs getting hurt going back to Thigpen and Dyson.

    Not sure what can be done about it but CJ is not supposed to be hurt even though he plays like he is crippled.
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    When Britt is healthy he is pretty darn good. We even saw some of that before he hurt his ankle and Locker throwing him the ball. CJ doesn't have that excuse.
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    [QUOTEIt makes me wonder how no one is 'grilling' K Wimbley - opposite that 1 sack against Brady, he actually has done NOTHING.][/QUOTE]

    I did on the 50th Griffin thread. Teams run inside of Wimbley any time they want and he is not flying around the field making plays the way Kearse used to do. What are we paying him $7M a year for?

    Every running play Wimbley is either getting kicked outside or he is running past the play. He is average on wide plays to his side but you never see him making tackles behind the play like many fast ends.
  6. Scarecrow

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    Listen guys.....

    we can't just make a thread for every underperforming Titan's player, board would probably implode.
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