How Are Two Games Going To Change How Management Views Munchak?

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    I completly agree
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    Tennessy XO

    GoT is a legend guys!! When I was in the States a year ago, the dude sent me a proper Titans package of some stuff you get when going to the stadium. Now, my dream is watch the team live and eventually I will get that chance, but that brother hooked it up.
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    some more shocking MM stat failures besides the overall record 20-26 .435 and division record 4-12 .250

    1-3 .250 in OT games (0-2 .000 this year)

    in 46 games MMs D has allowed 20-29 15 times or 33% going 4-11 .267
    in 46 games MMs D has allowed 30 or more 15 times or 33% going 2-13 .133
    in 46 games MMs D has allowed 40 or more 5 times or 11% going 1-4 .200
    in 46 games MMs D has allowed 50 or more 3 times or 7% going 0-3 .000

    on the plus side
    in 46 games MMs D has allowed 19 or less 16 times or 35% going 14-2 .875
    in 46 games MMs D has allowed 9 or less 3 times or 7% going 3-0 1.000

    on Offense MMs Titans have been outstanding going 7-0 the 15% of games they scored 30 or more.
    in 46 games MMs O scored 20-29 17 times or 37% going 10-7 .588
    in 46 games MMs O scored 19 or less 22 times or 48% going 3-19 .136
    in 46 fames MMs O scored 9 or less 2 times or 7% going 0-3 .000

    here is the reasons MM should be fired:
    in 30 games MMs Titans have allowed 20 or more going 6-24 .300
    in 39 games MMs Titans have scored 29 or less going 13-26 .333
    in 49 NFL weeks thru today w15 of 2013 MMs Titans have been above .500 14 weeks or 29%

    MMs Titans need too score 20+ OR allow 19 or less too have a good shot at a W
    MMs Titans score 19 or less almost half the games and allow 20 or more almost 2/3 of the games
    This means 2/3 of the time the D makes it rough on the O and half the time the O makes it rough on the D
    The overlap there are the 33-13 type games where neither side shows up

    Without a stout Defensive effort the Titans lose 7 of 10 under MM. Stunning.

    Less than 1 week in 3 have the Titans been in serious playoff contention. I mean this includes 10 weeks in 2011. Yep since the start of 2012 the Titans have been above .500 only 4 weeks. 4 freaking weeks in 2 seasons! And all 4 were early this year

    This pile of crapola cant be acceptable
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    So basically outside 4 games we've always had a losing record... Nice... That's really nice. Give him a Rain maker contract and let's go to the strip club. Done with munch. Done.
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    well not above .500 anyways
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    That counts as a car?
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    My favorite stat is that is 3 years under Munch the Titans only have 1 win over a team that finished the year with a winning record. That win was against the Ravens his 1st yr. I don't count the Texans win that yr because we all know that the Texans were resting everyone since it was the last game of the season.

    I hope Wyatt is right in thinking Munch is a goner even if he wins these 2 games. I could easily see management saying the team is better this yr than last so let's let Munch finish out his contract and see how Locker does during his last year. If they both fail then re-boot with new coach and QB.
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    it sure the heck beats my orange Gremlin with a blue door that I had
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    Mine was a 94 Honda Accord. Car was baller. Put a system in it.

    I had the 267th loudest stereo at Antioch high school.

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    Your HS only had 267 students?