Houston And Possibly Tennessee Both Looking For Help With Coaching And QB In 2014

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 8, 2013.

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    I really do hope that when everything is done with that we end up with the better head coach and QB when the next season comes upon us.

    We could be in direct competition with Houston not only in the coaching search but also QB too.In fact if Houston uses their first round pick on a QB we will most likely be picking from the remaining available QB's if we choose to draft one in the first round in the upcoming draft.

    Also there is a good chance Jacksonville could be picking a QB as well in the upcoming draft.Not sure about coaching because their head coach has been on a hot streak winning three of their last four games and showing signs of getting better.

    There is a good chance every team in the division but Indy could be drafting a QB in this years draft.

    Ken Whisenhunt seems to be the top guy on Houston's list of coaching candidates.He has been successful as an offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh and lead Arizona to a Super Bowl in 2008.

    So if Houston snags Whisenhunt we know he is good at developing QB's although bringing Kevin Kolb to Arizona ended up being a bad decision that ultimately cost him his job.Right now he is coordinator in San Diego which is a good fit for him because he has a good proven QB in Philip Rivers.

    As far as Tennessee goes i'd be happy with Lovie Smith if we were able to bring him here.Only thing i think would be a huge mistake would be another in house hire because its time to stop that way of doing things if we ever want to get a good head coach.

    Any thoughts?
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    I disagree that Whisenhunt is good at developing QB because that only really great QB he has worked with is Kurt Warner and he was far developed by the time he got to Arizona. He did work with Big Ben but he really was kinda pedestrian until Whisenhunt left Pittsburgh.
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