Henry impresses in first practice

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by jfrancis04, May 4, 2007.

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  1. RyansTitans

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    you say that like its a bad thing
  2. LT21Titans27

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    Shake dem dreads

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  3. Bulluckfan

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    I think Lendale was just noting that Henry wasn't a big name in college. I don't think he meant any slight by it. He was just noting that he hadn't heard of the guy before the draft. Many of the people on this board hadn't either, and I only had because I follow the Combine/Draft.
  4. johnnybow

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    well said
  5. Gunny

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    on the flip side they chose Woolfolk.
  6. johnnybow

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    Besides CH's speed and soft hands, I like his strength. Any rookie RB who puts up 26 on the bench press is gonna have one mean stiff arm.
  7. yea, he put up 1 more than reggie bush did
  8. GoTitans3801

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    Well, people would also say that the other teams had rolle rated over pac because of his history, and they'd seem to be right since he won't be playing for at least the first half of this year.

    The coaches certainly aren't perfect, but they do have reasons for their decisions.
  9. Gut

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    First off, I don't think LenDale was trying to knock Henry...he just didn't know who he is. If you read White's other comments, he's been very supportive and welcomes the challenge so I don't think it was a slight against Henry.

    Secondly, just because some of us disliked the pick, doesn't mean we dislike Henry. In fact, I was HOPING the Titans would draft him...just not in the 2nd rd. He's a gamble...but more acceptable risk as a 3rd or 4th rndr than a 2nd.

    Third, the good...Henry has all-world physical skills. How many RB's do you know that are 230+ and run a 4.3 40? Jamal Lewis in his prime? He's also got good hands and can run rb routes well. He's also a high character guy and a hard worker. Sounds like a 1st rndr right?

    Fourth, the not so good...Henry had very limited college production and VERY few RB's come into the NFL with little college production and last (let alone do well). There are some examples...but it is pretty rare. More importantly...Henry has not shown great vision in picking holes, waiting for blocks to develop, and tends to try to bounce things outside and avoid contact (as if he weighed 200lbs). The key for him will be not how he looks in skeleton drills, but how he looks running in game situations. Can he find the holes like Chris Henry did last year. Can he run with power between the tackles? These two things are the only things people should be looking at because if he can't find holes and won't run with power...he's not gonna be going anywhere (except as a 3rd down back to pass block and catch passes out of the backfield).

    Fifth...if he CAN show good vision in finding holes and runover people occasionally (not avoid CB's and S's), then we'll be in great shape.

    Sixth...if he can't...expect to see a healthy dose of LenDale...with Henry spelling him and perhaps being the 3rd down back (except short yardage where White should stay on the field).

    Seventh...hope for the best!!! A dominant rushing attack will help VY immensely! 3rd and 3's are a lot easier for him to pickup than 3rd and 10's!

  10. yea but... Arizona's line is absolute crap and he never really had a hole to run through
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