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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Maybe the apologists won't sound so much like Charlie Brown's teacher once Munch actually accomplishes a .500 record against the Jaguars.......baby steps.
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    Its far better than your 'bad luck' and dropped passes and fumbles sham.


    You are making excuses for him. Blaming the players, is in fact, excusing Munch. This is RT type thinking.

    I don't give a damn about BB. Give me the strength of his division at the time, the talent he had around him and other things that matter. Fact is, the AFC South has been the weakest its ever been with Munch and he hasn't taken advantage of it.

    Yea really, dropped passes and fumbles happen. Britt was playing for the LONGEST time and not getting targets. He should have been inactive months ago. You are damn well right I am blaming losses on Munch for Reynaud. Anyone who doesn't isn't really sure of what being a coach means.

    Why don't I just ask Bruce instead? You know, that guy Munch brought in?

    How long did it take him to get benched?

    Who cares? Really, who cares? What week are we in now? So if they play better now, it makes everything prior to this point acceptable?


    I will just keep asking the little guy that Munch promotes instead of the actual guy in charge!

    You are god damn right that is what I am saying. Munch has almost complete control over all of that. Its his system, he implements it. Weber brings in the talent and Munch and his band of old college room mates and that guy he met at the water fountain run it.

    We were one of the worst teams ever last year, congrats on having a coach capable of improving one of the worst teams of all time.
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    no you didn't, I caught you this time before you can pull another one of those stunts.

    and nice attempt at putting words in my mouth
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    How much more proof do you need that he doesn't know what he is doing?

    What kind of team were we led to believe we had before the season started? A power running team that stops the run.

    Ironically the exact opposite has happened. We can't stop the run worth a damn, have one of the better pass Ds in the league, cannot run the ball and have a somewhat respectable passing offense. How does that even happen? Literally, the exact opposite of what Munch said is happening out there.
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    I wasnt attempting to do ****. Youre getting your reply.
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    Question. Who was the team to beat last year in the AFC South?

    Why do they suck this year? Did their coaches forget how to coach? Or did their QB take a bit ****? See how much talent, especially in one particular position, matters so much? Whats our QB situation been like this year?

    Did you have any fears of one of the best olinemen in history, being the guy who teaches our players about the line? Bruce Mathews went to the pro bowl 14 times, 9 at guard, 5 at center. My wager is that there are few people who ever lived who knew more about how to play on the offensive line than he does.

    Where we seem to differ, is that you think its coaching, I think its talent. When I watch a game, I see our linemen being pushed back, getting their asses handed to them individually. When I see our QB's scrambling for their life, I see our players getting beat, not scheme breakdowns where a guy gets through untouched.

    We can disagree with this, but its a completely separate issue about it being a problem because I never had a problem with him bringing in BM and I dont blame him for our offensive line problems. Could be wrong, but I can only go by what I see.

    I care. I posted a link, where the players, as well as a coach, were very happy about Fokou coming back and why. Not going to argue it now. Im sure you read it.

    Besides that point, I DO blame Munch for bringing in Chet whoever the hell he is. There are a few of his hires that I was not happy about. I do remember hearing quite a few people here, saying we need to get rid of everything Fisher and start over. Munch screwed up here. And if he is here next season, I am hoping he is willing to make changes. He has shown he would on the field, and with Palmer as well. Hes stuck with Loggains next season if he is here.

    Then one of us is wrong. There is a reason that some coaches want coaching and GM powers as well. They have control of who is brought in. Theres a reason why that rarely works out too. I am not saying that Munch doesnt have input and has say in it, but it is up to the GM to sign the contract, not the coach. They make those decisions. Then the coach does what he can with those 53 people.

    From the way some of you seem to say it here, he has complete control almost. Munch decides who comes in, he does the FA.... do you think he did a bad job?? You are not happy with the changes made to our team this season? Dont like our FA's that, to most people who watch this team, see a vastly improved team? Clearly, if Munch is in charge of all this, is he the one who made our defense look so much better at first? Our PPG and our passing defense improved dramatically, even statistically? Or are we going to give all that credit to Williams? Who, by the way, was hired by Munch.

    Who did Fisher bench? And he took us to the super bowl, and we also were in the playoff hunt with serious contention for winning it 4 out of 5 seasons in a row? Then a few more after that? Although I agree that it took Munch too long on Reynaud, he did make the change. he has also made several other changes, to help make this team better and try something new. While everyone else says "too late", I say at least it happened.

    I have said too many times that I think he is an average coach. He has played the game, at a high level, so hes not retarded. No, that does not automatically make him a good coach, but to say he is clueless, is a stretch. Not as smart (experienced) as Id like him to be, at all. Yes, he made some questionable moves (hiring of certain coaches) and that needs to be dealt with, if he is around another season. Yes, has had some growing pains. however just as I quoted you below, you NEED talent. Where we differ (and where I differ with anyone who disagrees with what Im saying here), is that without the proper talent, no coach is worth a damn. That being said, this is why we will never agree. You think we are so talented, I, do not. I think we have some talent, but not nearly enough. We can discuss each player individually, but that would make this book a novel and im tired of saying the same thing over and over.

    We all know how important the QB position is, and for half this season, Fitz has been our QB. Locker this year, started 7 games. Titans record in the 7 games Locker started? 4-2. And he wasnt even that amazing in most of them.

    Everyone wants to say they are excuses, but I see them as facts. You guys have facts saying he sucks, I have facts saying hes average, and that if individual caths are made, and fumbles are not made, and special teams errors not happening, and solidity at the QB position, we are winning the division right now.

    oh, now the strength of schedule and .... i cant believe I am about to actually have to point this out to you but....

    THE TALENT he had around him and OTHER THINGS THAT MATTER????

    So it matters when you made some kind of determination about BB, but not Munch? All I have been trying to do, is point this fact out, that you somehow agree with

    Again, I think we just disagree on our talent level.
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    I would say Wright and Warmack were good picks. Warmack will be better as he sees more games. Wright has proved he was worth the pick and more! I just can't wait for a quarterback who can give Wright the ball more often and in stride! When that happens, then you will see the true value of Wright.
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    I think we have a pretty talented team, outside of middle linebacker, and defensive line. And of course, QB. However, with the actual proved talent we have on the offensive line, we SHOULD be able to mask our faults at the QB position. Bruce was incredibly bad at Houston, came to TN, and the bad came with him.

    I would pin more talent issues on Weber, if he didn't have a history of bringing in talented players. Munch does need to follow in BB's steps, and take an assistant position for a few years. He wasn't/isn't ready to be coaching at this level. Being unprepared makes bad habits, comparing BB's situation to what Munch is going through wasn't the best anyway. We have proven successful players, I just cannot buy into this lack of talent idea. Its not like we have half a team of washed up vets, 15 rookies, and 5 Chris Henrys.

    Green was a good powerback, Levitre was an outstanding guard, Pollard and Wilson were capable safeties, Fokou, to me, has been exactly as expected, and Walker needed to get his shot. I'd say we got exactly what we thought we were from Walker and Pollard, but you cannot say the others were bad players when you look at the teams they came from just a year ago. Fact is, our players have had proven success, recently. Our coaches, haven't had any success at a professional level outside of Williams and Munch at offensive line coach.
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    Gotta go with Scarecrow on this debate. Munchak has proven himself inept as a HC.

    Munchak as Head Coach is ultimately RESPONSIBLE for fielding a winning team. Munchak has failed to produce the very team he described he would as his goals. And that has been in virtually every facet at every level of his description.

    The difference in perception about Munchak continues to arise from RESPONSIBILITY being separate and distinct from BLAME and FAULT.

    Alzarius, you simply don't want to BLAME Munchak for things beyond his direct control. I don't have any problem with that but that doesn't excuse him from his RESPONSIBILITY to field a winning product. And yes- the NFL IS a QB league. It was Munchak who openly and publicly stated that Locker was HIS guy, HIS choice. He hitched his coaching wagon to Locker. And Locker has developed into nothing more than he was at the college level. A great character guy, but injury prone and an inaccurate arm.

    I have financially supported this franchise for over 10 years. I desperately want them to succeed but from ownership down this franchise makes poor management decisions. Hiring Fisher's replacement was NOT an open competition so the best candidate would get the job. It was an "in-house" hand-off, most likely under Bud's direction to "get one of HIS guys". Recipe for failure so it's no surprise we are where we are right now.

    Munchak has been given enough time and resources to demonstrate he is competent to direct their utilization in a productive fashion. The direction of the franchise is headed in a worse direction than the Browns and about on par with the Raiders right now. It is going to take a serious shake-up of the ownership and management culture to create an environment like the Pats did last decade. It CAN happen but it only will if the fans demand it. Otherwise there is no impetus for ownership to invest more for there returns.

    Personally, I no longer find this franchise entertaining or satisfying enough to warrant my personal expenses any further. I need to see some serious culture adjustment otherwise I feel like I'm throwing good money after bad.
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