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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Kurt Warner was thought of as done when Whisenhunt resurrected his career and got him back to playing at a Pro Bowl level with the Cards. He also turned Big Ben into a very good passing QB and totally revamped their run first offense into a balanced attack because of it. And while Rivers had been as good as top 3 in QB's in the NFL at one point, his career was also slipping away and he had been playing a lot worse then his prime (his QB rating the last TWO years were slightly ahead of what Locker finished this season with). With Whisenhunt he is 2nd in QB rating with 105 (if you count QB's with 500+ attempts) to Peyton Manning. That's a pretty huge jump just adding Whisenhunt, Woodhead and a rookie 3rd rnd wr in Keenan Allen. And San Diego's offensive stats are very good!

    And Arians took Whisenhunt's team to 10-6? Did you forget they had a new QB this year? LOL
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    I agree with most of your post...especially when I think a HC NEEDS to hold players AND coaches accountable. But in fairness, Whisenhunt is more qualified in that he was a HC and while HC took his team to the Super Bowl and nearly won it. Not saying that means Whisenhunt should be higher on your list, just pointing out the experience angle.
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    Thanks hahahaha this is so awesome

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    Might have something to do with his teams overall performance thru the years.
    Back in the early 2000's when he started running the Cowboys D those Dallas teams sucked, they went 5-11 three years straight. Those kinds of results will bury your name when openings come up.

    And then years later when he landed in Cincinnati those teams had their own struggles too.

    I also remember him being a huge dick back in 2008 2009 when the Bengals started winning. Maybe people just didn't like the guy for a period of time.
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    Anyone who has played or coached football loves Zimmer. He's a no BS guy and we all know the deal. You don't do your job, we'll find someone who will! You can tune him out but then you're out of a job. I didn't see anyone crying when Britt (who obviously has tuned out Jefferson) was replaced by Wright (who made big strides) and Britt will now have to FIGHT for a job this off-season.

    If you think guys simply tune out guys like Zimmer, you might ask why then he has so much success doing what he does and has had so much success for 20+ years. It works!!!
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    Wisenhunt also urged Arizona to go after Kevin Kolb and give decent coin to Derek Anderson, just saying
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    Whisenhunt had no part in resurrecting Warners career. Warner was signed as a backup in NY to help Eli develop and never got the chance to play because Eli came out of the gate playing decent. Warner was then signed in AZ to do the same for Leinart while Whis was suppose to develop Leinart. Whis was a total bust in showing any signs of improvement with Leinart and it wasn't Whis's decision to bench Leinart, it was Bidwells decision (cards owner) to start warner and warner came in and as soon as he got on the same page with Fitz and Boldin the cards offense meshed and they put that Super Bowl run together on the outstanding play of Fitz and Boldin and warner getting them the ball
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    keith bulluck@kbull53 10m
    @PaulKuharskyNFL I like Zimmer,met & talked 2 him few years back. Players that play for him respond,Burfict is a great example. No nonscense
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    All valid points. I like the guy. He is my 2nd choice behind Whis. Just something to think about because he has never been a HC before and we've seen examples of his style not working as a HC: Coughlin (he lightened up later), Schiano, Mularkey. Sometimes what works as a OC or DC doesn't always translate to HC. I still think he is worth giving a shot.
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    How about Zimmer as HC and Williams as DC? ... There would be a lot of of screaming on the sidelines
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