Hawkins puzzled by latest deactivation

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Its because you suck Hawkins.
  2. Titans2004

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    My bad. I thought he was a pre-training camp extension.
  3. titan_fan_4ever

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    I hear ya on all accounts, it was exciting to see him out there.

    I'm not sure Lock likes to go deep a lot just yet, he does however overshoot a ton - for that, yes, a 6'5'' WR definitely helps.

    Back to Hawk, i'm really sorry till now I havn't seen anything out of Wright that I felt Hawk couldn't do well enough (based on just natural progression from starting a lot last year).

    After playing against tough 1 and 2 CBs, I think he coulda manned the slot well (as a #4 WR, alternating with the 3 starters ahead of him Britt/Nate/D-Will).

    I know Wright can still develop into something special, its only his rookie year, and if he becomes our next D-Mase (i.e. possession receiver, sure hands, precise route runner, etc...) I will be thrilled for that.

    But still, i'da much rather have him become our version of Vick Cruz and I just don't think he can. Its still very early in his career, and perhaps other things are holding him back (coaching, poor QB play, etc...), but STILL, I just don't see it.

    Also, please don't refer to all his 'receptions' as an indication of anything, most of them were very short passes that he just had to catch. Being the featured screen guy will get you those receptions, the fact he hasn't taken one to the house or for like 50+ yards (or even 30+ maybe) does worry me....

    This 'anti-Wright' segment has also a lot to do with the fact we had a slew of other needs to fill, and instead we went with a position of relative strength. Where we stand right now, its much easier to see that too. I mean there was still Whitney/Chandler at DE, Castro at C, Smith at S, and a bunch of other quality players to choose from...

    I didn't see Wright as the ideal pick then. I got OK with it during the regular pre-season hype, you know when we were all drooling over the offense, but even after watching a season where most would call good or at least successful with regards to the Rook, I still stand by the original reaction of: 'huh?'

    I really think that we woulda gotten much more from the combination of D-Will and Hawk, if they were ever on the field, then Kendell gave us. I also think it would have made them better in the long run, and in turn made us better in the long run, ESPECIALLY if you throw in any of those draftees from above that we also coulda had.

    Extra Tid-Britt:
    With Britt seeing the field more under Logan, he has looked more the part.

    Now that I think of his career, when he was young (2009, rookie) and a situational player, he was dropping everything and was VERY inconsistent. I remember we were going crazy.

    As they kept him on the field more (2010) he responded well, very well actually, and started to show serious flashes of stardom. He got injured mid-way, but came back really strong, and even the league started to take notice.

    Then as we all know, 2011, the NFL was drooling over him, then he got F'ed.

    Basically, when the guy was kept on the field he produced. Under Logan he's been on the field and at least is starting to 'look' like Kenny of old.

    I actually pulled up GameLog to help make sure what I remember is correct, and its pretty much spot on (link below, just cycle through his years).

  4. Alzarius

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    Dont agree with everything but good post.

    Only thing Ill point out is that Britt has, when healthy, been on the field. The only receiver getting more snaps than Britt since week 7 is Washington. Britt gets more than Wright every game.
  5. steverife

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    He is actually pretty decent at special teams. I remember Fisher used to say that, then he got activated, made a couple of tackles, and I think recovered a fumble.
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