Hasselless deserves most of the blame!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Oct 8, 2012.

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    We allow the highest opposing completion percentage. Our opponents complete 3/4 passes against our weak a$s defense. It's a joke. Defense is the issue. There is simply no way to win games when you give up first down after first down after first down after first down. We have absolutely NO up front strength. Adrian Peterson was picking up yards in chunks. We don't tackle, everyone tries to lay the hit stick and whiffs like a fool. Jerry Gray needs to hop on the gator truck and drive his a$s off a cliff. Nobody fears us.
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    well I get askerd every time the Titan D is on the field
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    I don't know how you guys are still hating on Gray so much.... This was almost solely on the offense just like against the Texans. You just can't expect our D to hold forever, they are not only young but are on the field for 99% of the game, since the O seems to average less than 1 first down per possession....

    His D, regardless of almost zero pass rush, held another very powerful offense to minimal points through an astonishing three quarters of play for the second strait week. They also picked off a QB (who hasn't been picked off in idn how long) twice....

    I'm not sure when you guys forgot that this is now an offensive league....

    If anything, I have a lot of problems right now with Kimberly - here's an extract of a post I just made in the 'How come Britt doesn't get grilled like CJ' thread:

    "It makes me wonder how no one is 'grilling' K Wimbley - opposite that 1 sack against Brady, he actually has done NOTHING.

    I mean at least DM is there in run support, but wow, KW just gets eaten up big time, every time. Forget tackling, he can't even get an arm on the RB to slow him down b/c he's too busy getting steamrolled.

    And when he has had a chance to tackle a RB, he has failed I think every time. This guy got paid a lot, to do a lot, and so far he hasn't done anything - and I haven't seen anyone give him stig.

    As it stands now, just like with CJ and Griff, KW need to start earning those millions...."


    Back to the offense, for Matt in particular, the guy has NO ACCURACY. I couldn't believe where he was putting those balls yesterday. I mean he used to be able to throw 'dink' passes - he can't even do that anymore! It doesn't help that teams have him figured out by like the 2nd series....

    Also, one of their starting safeties was out, the other got thrown out.... I would TEST THEM ALL DAY LONG!! He couldn't even beat two back-up safeties on SEEMINGLY ANY medium to deep ball.

    For the second strait week, this falls really on the Matt and the offense(ive line). Our D stopped the Texans rushing attack and held strong for 3 qtrs..... Our D picked off a QB who has been solid in keeping the ball twice and held on for 3 qtrs.... For a young D and one being out there for again 99% of the game, and with no offense to keep you fresh and keep you hungry.... i mean c'mon!
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    He adds no pressure and plays a very soft zone scheme... That's on him! All day, every day. Man up, blitz. Do SOMETHING besides prevent most the game.
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