Hasselbeck Not Adjusting Well?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I agree.
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    More details on reasons MH signed w/ Titans & projection for 2013

    Apologies if the 2nd article has already been shared and discussed (I could not verify) but since the 1st article was published after the last post it may be "news" - at least to this thread.

    This article suggests the possibility (and reasons) for a slow approach with Locker: (30 Jul 11 - bleacherreport)

    “Could Matt Hasselbeck start over Jack Locker in 2013?"​

    1. Improved Hasselbeck performance - The combination of one of the best OL and runners (CJ) in the NFL could make even Hasselbeck more effective (more time to pass) and durable (fewer hits and sacks).
    2. Less financial pressure to rush Locker – Locker’s package (#10) is < Tim Tebow’s (#24 in 2010) and will average less than KC did as a backup in his last contract. Conclusion: not too expensive for a bench player, at least for a couple years.
    3. More time may be required to develop – Locker may need more time and Hasselbeck could facilitate the Aaron Rodgers timetable rather starting the rookie too soon.
    Here's hoping that the Titans will have access to ALL their weapons on opening day, including CJ and KB.


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    TY, KB
    (Post #2)
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    I'm hoping to see Matt improved this week and maybe he will finally gel with the offense.The Ravens have a horrible secondary so maybe he will take advantage of that.He has also played very well historically against Baltimore.I see this week hopefully as the start of his improvement.
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    If Hasselbeck struggles to move the chains or we're getting blown out, I'm in favor of using Locker as a plug and pull player every week, and who knows, maybe he pulls a Mike Vick to where he plays so well, we'll be forced to keep him as the starter. Realistically, we're in a rebuilding period and Locker is soon to be the face of the franchise, so why not get him some reps this year.
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