Has Munch been unlucky this season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RockyTop Fox, Nov 17, 2013.

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    exactly what im saying

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    Reynaud had two against the Jags in the last week of the season when they were playing nothing but street free agents on special teams.

    He made terrible mistakes last year too when it came it fielding the ball on punts and bringing the ball out from the endzone. He wasn't as bad as this year, but he shouldn't have been retained.
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    Lucky or unlucky, you still have to win football games... something Munch isn't doing.
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    I like your old avatar better :D
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    Munch has definitely been dealt a bad hand. From the first season, to the coordinators (couldnt get who he wanted), to Locker, to the FA acquisitions this past season not panning out.

    That being said. Hes the head coach. Theres a reason why BB flopped in Cleveland, and is now a genius in NE. If we were as talented as our fans wished we were and think we are, then I believe Munch would be a good enough coach. We dont, however, so maybe someone else can bring something else to the table.

    The part that really scares me.....I dont think Munch is the problem, although he does have problems and shortcomings as a coach.

    Many people here have been harping the same tune

    Get rid of everyone!!! Except Rustin and Williams.

    However they are completely ignoring the fact that this defense has fallen off horribly, and that these guys on the field that are not doing as we wanted (Levitre, Warmack, Green, Turner, Hill) are people our GM gave contracts to.(sorry to disappoint you guys, but Munch isnt in charge of that. I have no question that he has input, but he doesnt make that call)

    I feel like getting rid of Munch could possibly make this team better, but how much better? Those asking for Williiams to be the new HC really need to look at what he did as head coach of the Bills. Sure, defense was great, but did anyone see his record? Remember who he had as QB???

    If we decide to get rid of Munch, I really hope we dont go get a rehash. No coach has ever won a SB with two separate teams, and team talent is that reason. Look at Jeff Fisher. How great of a coach was he during 99-2003. Then all of a sudden he started sucking. Coaching means a lot, but we need more, and better talent on this team and we need our offensive line to get their **** together or no coach in the world is going to fix us.

    oh... and we need a QB too
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    I just don't get how anyone can make excuses for a guy who has won 4 out of 15 divisional games.... in a pretty bad division. This is really the guy you want to continue on with? Sure he's had some bad luck. Most coaches have.

    Personally I don't see the logic in chalking up Reynaud blowing the 49ers game to "bad luck" for Munchak. AT THAT POINT REYNAUD SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN OUT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Everyone here knew it. All the beat writers knew it. It was Munch's stupid decision to keep rolling with Reynaud even though he had been awful the entire season. And yes, it potentially cost us the game. A decision Munch made.

    If anything that's an example of Munch being inept, not "unlucky".
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    I think I like it better too..

    Remember when half this board was on team Reynaud during the offseason vs. team Mariani? :hugelaugh:

    For the record I would probably fire Munch too if I was the owner. It just wouldn't be an immediate easy decision like a lot of you guys consider it as. There's a lot to take into consideration.. it's rarely easy making these types of decisions.
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    I can agree with that. You gotta look at the whole picture. Problem is the whole picture has been mediocre at best.

    Munch's first year he had the built in excuse of being hired late as well as the lockout/short offseason. Last season everyone was blaming the coordinators and how he was handcuffed to them. Now this season we're blaming the players and bad luck (?). Sure sometimes excuses are legitimate. But at some point you have to quit making excuses and go by the results.
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    Bottom line is we need a real franchise QB. And Munchak wanted Locker. Much of the team has given up on Munch's ability to make the necessary adjustments/changes in schemes/gameplans necessary to improve play-making odds. IMO, that's the reason for the drop-off in intensity and performance.
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