Harrison is a gutless rey-rey want too be

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GoT, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Yeah, that would be a big NO. You do NOT want air to be between your head and the helmet, because it not only doesn't absorb the impact, it completely negates the effect of the cushioning in the helmet.

    A properly fitted helmet is as tight to the head as possible.
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    rolltide retard and his endless football knowledge. He was a 5th grade pro, yo.
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    Well. This was an enlightening thread-and I use the term 'enlightening' loosely!:ha: A question for discussion. I have this one with hubby often:

    Do today's players make it their intention,purpose, to injure opponents and knock them out of the game? Or, is it because today's players are simply much heavier and stronger than in the past? And if, as was said, the players are not wearing their equipment correctly, why aren't they? I know in hockey, the pads are very hard and do a lot of damage. There are around 15 players in the NHL out with concussions at this time, several of them being stars. Too me it's worrisome, because we love the games, but do we have to love the violence? Or can we have the games without the violence?

    Whoa, that was way more than one question! sorry!
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    this is why I perfer to see 0400 comming at me instead of the first thing I experience

    Keep securing that basement - lol
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