Hall of Fame for McNair?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by #1TitansFan, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Titans2008

    Titans2008 Camp Fodder

    I wouldn't say he's not close. He did get an MVP after all. He has been in the playoffs many times. He has went to a Super Bowl. His career numbers are not great, but are higher than some other QB's that are in the hall. The difference is that those other QB's all won a Super Bowl or made multiple appearances. It's still within reach, but it's not looking good due to our recent two-year slide.
  2. First off, the league is in a very different situation now than they were a few years ago. As of now, 2007 will be an uncapped year. The Titans likely can't compete for veteran free agents in that situation against the big markets. So a return to power that year is very possible if we have a new CBA before then. If not, the odds are much worse.

    As for Fisher and Reese, I'll say this once and then that's it. They built a Super Bowl contender. They didn't win with a roster that had been handed to them. They built it basically from scratch.

    They had to deal with being a vagabond team before 1999. They had to deal with a couple of seasons with massive injury woes (2001, 2004) during the time they were contenders. And now they are rebuilding again. Having losing seasons is no big shock in such a situation.

    Fisher and Reese are certainly not perfect. They have some very visible flaws. But they are proven winners. They would never have put together back-to-back 13 game winners if they weren't very good at what they do. I don't think it's easy to find replacements for either of them who can do as well as they have in Nashville. In my opinion, it would be idiotic to suggest that they should be fired based on what we've seen from them so far...

    As for what happens in the future, only time will tell.
  3. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    I'd say he has a slim chance, but he has to win a superbowl to do it.

    He has HOF value, as in something for voters to latch onto,

    1. MVP
    2. Reputation as warrior
    3. Super Bowl Appearance
    4. Won a lot of games

    But he needs to win the big one. Period. And I think he has to do something spectacular in that game to get in.
  4. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    I don't think you can really say that teams "routinely" go from 5-11 to 11-5. It can certainly be done, and teams do it, but I don't think it's the norm. Teams are greatly praised for being able to do it because it's so difficult. Also, 2004 doesn't qualify as rebuilding, we had our starters, but most got injured. Last year was our first year of rebuilding. That being said, I'm not complacent. I expect improvement this year. Maybe not playoffs, but improvement. However, just because they couldn't pull off an instant turnaround, I don't suggest we throw them out yet...
  5. #1TitansFan

    #1TitansFan Camp Fodder

    Why is the NFL taking off cap in 2007, isn't the whole reason for cap so that no team becomes a powerhouse?
  6. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    Wow from scratch? A super bowl contender? Hell it only took them until their 5th year to do it.

    Jeff fisher's coaching record prior to the 99 season was 32-38. He had yet to take a team to the playoffs and had yet to see one winning season. Then he went through that 5 year period when he was 56-24 and now is just 9-23. I guess what i'm saying starkiller is that a team that has 4 winning seasons in 11 years and also 4 losing seasons in that time could be described as mediocre.

    Are the minnesota vikings a well oiled powerhouse football program? They don't think so they just fired their head coach. Yet the vikings have had only 2 losing seasons out of the last 11 vs the titans 4 under fisher/reese. The broncos have only had one losing season since then. Give any average coach 11 years and he is bound to win some time. Maybe even get to the super bowl.

    You say that the poor helpless titans can't compete being in such a small market. But isn't the nfl basically sharing revenues in a socialist manner? And don't most teams have the same sized home stadium? If being a small market means you can't compete can we automatically assume that cincy, denver, new orleans, st louis, atlanta will automatically be inferior?

    "they are proven winners. " yeah starkiller but they have lost just as often.

    "it would be idiotic to suggest that they should be fired based on what we've seen from them so far.." I didn't say they should be fired. If we have our third straight losing season in 2006 they should be fired. Did it take lovey smith 4 years to make the bears a winner?

    Starkiller, the more people who think like you the less chance we can expect a winner here in nashville.
  7. whatever

    whatever Guest

    I've got to say I am disappointed with both Fisher and Reese. Especially Reese, because I thought he was a top notch GM. Now that I'm looking back on the past drafts, though, he has been less than spectacular.
  8. Pit Bull #53

    Pit Bull #53 Guest

    I didn't read through everyones post, so if this has been said, sorry, but heres my take on it.

    I dont think Mac will make the Hall. Basically, to be a Hall of Fame QB you either have to a) Put up gaudy passing stats (Marino, Tarkenton) or b) Win Super Bowls (Montana, Bradshaw). And McNair has neither of those two. Unless he really comes on the next couple of years and leads us to the SB, I don't see it happening.
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    Actually quick turnarounds are fairly routine. Almost all nfc playoff teams did just that. The panthers, bears, giants, redskins and bucs were all losers in 2004. In 2003 the steelers were 6-10. The next year 15-1. The jags needed just one losing season under jack del rio before the started winning going 9-7 in 2004 and then 12-4 this season. Yet according to starkiller and many on this board it might take 3 even 4 years of losing football before the great geniuses can compile enough players to actually win. It's dumb! It's especially dumb when we have a steve mcnair playing QB as oppposed to some rebuilding teams that might start a rookie QB or be forced to play an inexperienced QB due to injury. We not only had mcnair but also volek. What a luxury!

    Look at the situation in tampa bay, very similar. Gruden comes in and wins a super bowl in 2002 for a franchise that had been a winner for several years before that under dungy. Then he has 2 straight losing seasons due to a variety of injuries and cap problems. Did he have a third crap season in a row? No they went 11-5. So why can't we do the same? Had gruden's team gone 6-10 this year he should have been fired and if we have a losing season in 2006 fisher and reese need to be gone.
  10. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Reese and the Titans have been hit with some bad injury issues the last two seasons that has slowed some of the development of top picks.

    Here are players taken in the first three rounds in 2002 - 2003 which you need to be the strength of the team right now:



    That's a lot of games missed by guys you need to be main contributors. And when they were on the field, many were not close to 100%.

    Even 100% healthy, many of these players may turn out to be bad. But I think you have to consider this in your evaluation of Reese the last few drafts.
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