Halftime thoughts from Colts-Titans

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky [​IMG][​IMG] NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Though the Titans have outgained the Colts 46 net yards to 27, it feels like the Colts have the advantage. Tennessee is the run-reliant team here, and it feels like Dominic Rhodes has done just as well as Chris Johnson.

    LenDale White has been an absolute non-factor, getting chopped down for losses on his two carries.

    A couple of other thoughts at the half with the Colts leading the Titans, 7-6.

    • The Colts have had pretty good special teams coverage in recent weeks, not usually a strength. But the Titans' two biggest plays tonight came from Chris Carr -- a 42-yard kickoff return to open the game and a 35-yard kickoff return following the Colts' touchdown. Tennessee got field goals on those two drives and has not scored otherwise. Indianapolis can really help itself by shoring up the coverage -- Carr started up the middle and made a sharp cut right.
    • The Colts offensive line, starting with rookie Jamey Richard, has actually done a good job slowing down Albert Haynesworth -- no small accomplishment. But Haynesworth's counterpart on the interior defensive line, Tony Brown, has been disruptive working mostly against Mike Pollak, also a rookie.
    • Rob Bironas tied Al Del Greco's team record of 20 straight field goals by hitting his first two, then failed to set a new mark, missing left from 43 yards. It would have been better to get that miss out of the way somewhere in the six wins when the Titans had a good deal of breathing room.
    • I'd expect the Colts to continue to look to Dallas Clark, who seems to be finding the most room and for the Titans to keep forcing the issueƂ*in the run game with Chris Johnson, determined to break a big one eventually.

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