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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Greg Roman OC 49ers has got that nice combination of experience along with youthful energy. He would be great for Locker, great for our TEs and he will help to rebuild our o-line and get consistency back into our running game.

    Experience-He started out on the defensive side of the ball working for Dom Capers at Carolina when they were an expansion team. He is one of the few coaches that i can think of who has been a quality control guy for both sides of the ball. Quality control is a self scouting job where you scout that side of the ball and look for areas of weakness that other teams might exploit.

    He coached QBs and TEs for the Texans. Was an offensive line coach for the Ravens for 2 years.

    Was hired by Jim Harbaugh to be the running game coordinator in 2009 at Stanford and he also coached OTs and TEs.

    In 2010 he became the OC.

    With all the hype about Andrew Luck many people ignored the fact that Stanford ran the ball for more yardage than they passed it and were extremely well coached up front. That was Greg Roman.

    Total experience..

    18 years

    16 years in the nfl

    2 years Stanford

    2 years defensive assistant quality control.

    2 years offensive assistant quality control.

    2 years TEs.

    2 years OBs

    3 years offensive line.

    2 years OC

    He works well with young QBs.

    Alex Smith turned his career around with Roman as OC and Kaepernick has a 95 passing rating.

    The 49ers offense is physical and among the league leaders in fewest turnovers.

    This seems like the right guy.
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  2. RollTide

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    From a Philly talk station they talk about possible replacements for Any Reid and in the first third they talk about "the Stanford way" and David Shaw the current Stanford coach and Greg Roman.

    Roman would improve our offense in a way that helps the defense. You eat up clock, keep high scoring offenses off the field and improve your average field position.

    A more fundamentally sound and physical team.

    THE_TITAN Starter

    Yeah I wouldn't mind Roman at all, he's certainly worth interviewing. Though i'd much rather have someone with head coaching experience (preferably at NFL level).

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Wasnt on the top of my list but this should be an option. Ive really liked what Ive seen from the Niners O. But what happened to Vernon Davis?
  5. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    Same thing that happened to Gates?
  6. chamgel2

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    Greg Roman would be a solid hire, and I'd be more than fine with him bringing Alex Smith with him. Before his injury he was putting together a solid season.
  7. Tim

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  8. xpmar9x

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    I would cert. be interested, he's got a solid resume and results. He's not my #1 option, but he's in the Top 5 for sure.
  9. Thaddeus43

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    Sounds like a good candidate, and name that I haven't heard being thrown around a ton. And probably much more likely than someone like Gruden.

    I think I would be very happy with this hire. I think that part of the problem of our team (other than the ****** OL) is the fact that we don't seem to have any toughness or drive to win games. These are some of the same traits that the 49ers had a few years ago. We have the talent I think, so just get the right coach, and you might see an instant turn around.
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    I think he would be great for Locker as well. Most people were ready to give up on Alex Smith, and they turned him around into a solid QB (then benched him lol). But can you imagine how much better Smith would've been if he got that type of coaching from the very beginning (or at least close to the beginning) of his career? He might not be an elite QB, but he probably would have developed much more than he has.

    Jake would benefit greatly from some good coaching, but also a solid running game. Sounds like this guys #1 priority would be on the running game, which would take the pressure off of Jake, and make it easier on him to develop
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