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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by 5tweezyPOT, Jul 15, 2013.

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    Just saw it and was considering using it :D
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    Glad to see a positive article about Locker. Seems like the net is full if haters about Jake.

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    Very goo article. We all forget that before he hurt his shoulder, he looked pretty good. I do think that we are going to play to his strengths this year. And not try to do the jeff fisher, of make a square hole fit into a round hole.

    The upgrades to the line (interior line play worst in the nfl) and the fact is we have more talent at wr than at anytime since the titans came to Tennessee. SHOULD make our offense as good or better than any offense in the division.
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    The question is, can he stay healthy? - The shoulder has already taken a beating. He might be as though as McNair, but I'd rather he could stay out of on-field trouble and stay upright. Play smart.
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    I'm not really worried about injuries with jake yet. He's had 1 injury ... that isn't enough to say there is a trend ... and he played through it for the most part, so we know he will play through pain. His shoulder should be 100% now after the surgery, so I'm not worried about it becoming a nagging problem.
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    This guy totally stole from all of our Jake Locker threads. It's a conspiracy.
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    yay everyone likes my thread.

    suck it jcbrave:cigar:
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    It's actually a pretty stupid article. This guy cherry-picks stats that fit his argument and disregards the rest that don't. He compares the completion percentages and YDS/Att of Locker vs. Flacco and Eli Manning, which is fine. Note that he leaves out any discussion of TD/Att, which is a stat that very effectively measures a QB's efficiency.

    2012 numbers:
    Locker: 10 TDs / 314 Pass Attempts = 31.4 Att per TD
    Manning: 26 TDs / 536 Pass Attempts = 20.6 Att per TD
    Flacco: 22 TDs / 531 Pass Attempts = 24.1 Att per TD

    Of course, the writer punts on whether Jake Locker will be a franchise QB. He only says that Locker could be a franchise QB. lol. Way to go out on a limb!
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    With what he was given to work with last year, its a fair assessment imo. I dont think you can pin point the whole reasoning on whats around him either. The domino effect is very apparent. The thing to really make a discussion from is do we think that locker elevates the team around him?

    To me, that will be the make or break for him. The accuracy issues are overblown because its an easy target for pundits to attack. Its not so much finding an elite QB, as it is one suitable to be able to step up and make 2 minute drills his bread and butter.

    Considerable issues with locker is his ability to read the blitz (or was it a fluke last year that the edge rushes effected him greatly and actually got him hurt?) and also the other main issue to keep in mind is his ability to be redzone efficient.

    Has he proven that he can make some big plays happen? yes. Did he have rookie like issues? of course. Anytime a qb steps into the spotlight, stuff is going to happen.

    The kicker, does he fix the small issues and inconsistencies.
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