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  1. RavensShallBurn

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    2/27 Post-Combine

    1. Kansas City Chiefs – OT, Luke Joeckel
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars – DT, Sharrif Floyd
    3. Oakland Raiders – WR, Cordarrelle Patterson
    4. Philadelphia Eagles – OT, Eric Fisher
    5. Detroit Lions – CB, Dee Milliner
    6. Cleveland Browns – DE, Dion Jordan
    7. Arizona Cardinals – OT, Lane Johnson
    8. Buffalo Bills – QB, Geno Smith
    9. New York Jets – OLB, Barkevious Mingo
    10. Tennessee Titans – OG, Chance Warmack
    11. San Diego Chargers – OLB, Jarvis Jones
    12. Miami Dolphins – DE, Bjoern Werner
    13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB, Desmond Trufant
    14. Carolina Panthers – DT, Sheldon Richardson
    15. New Orleans Saints – DE, Ezekiel Ansah
    16. St. Louis Rams – OG, Jonathan Cooper
    17. Pittsburgh Steelers – CB, Xavier Rhodes
    18. Dallas Cowboys – S, Kenny Vaccaro
    19. New York Giants – DT, Star Lotulelei
    20. Chicago Bears – OT, D.J. Fluker
    21. Cincinnati Bengals – WR, Tavon Austin
    22. St. Louis Rams – WR, Keenan Allen
    23. Minnesota Vikings – DE, Datone Jones
    24. Indianapolis Colts – CB, Johnthan Banks
    25. Seattle Seahawks – DE, Margus Hunt
    26. Green Bay Packers – RB, Eddie Lacy
    27. Houston Texans – MLB, Kevin Minter
    28. Denver Broncos – DE, Demontre Moore
    29. New England Patriots – DT, Kawann Short
    30. Atlanta Falcons – TE, Tyler Eifert
    31. San Francisco 49ers – DT, Jonathan Hankins
    32. Baltimore Ravens – S, Jonathan Cyprien

    I'll make edits to this here and there and make a final mock right before draft day.
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  2. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    I'm going to wait on the news about Star until I update mine.
  3. Finnebosch

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    This is mine until pr-draft week.
    Notable picks:
    Kansas City picks Fisher over Joeckel -- Eric Fisher has had an amazing off season and in my opinion over taken Joeckel. I wouldn't be surprised to see those picks flipped though.
    Buffalo Bills pick Tyler Bray 8th overall -- I think the Bills are going to reach for a QB come draft day and there is no clear cut guy behind Geno Smith. Tyler Bray has the arm strength needed to play in Buffalo and reminds me a lot of Joe Flacco.
    NY Giants pick Barkevious Mingo -- I'm not as high on Mingo as everyone else seems to be. He will probably go higher.
    Houston Texans pick Jarvis Jones -- I have Jones falling because of his neck injury but I think the Texans will need a OLB after Barwin leaves in free agency.
  4. Fry

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    3/1/13 post-combine

    1. Kansas City Chiefs Luke Joekel
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars Jarvis Jones
    3. Oakland Raiders Sharrif floyd
    4. Philadelphia Eagles Eric Fisher
    5. Detroit Lions Dee Milliner
    6. Cleveland Browns Dion Jordan
    7. Arizona Cardinals Lane Johnson
    8. Buffalo Bills Matt Barkley
    9. New York Jets Star Lotulelei
    10. Tennessee Titans Chance Warmack
    11. San Diego Chargers Barkevious Mingo
    12. Miami Dolphins Cordarrelle Patterson
    13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kenny Vaccaro
    14. Carolina Panthers Sheldon Richardson
    15. New Orleans Saints Johnathan Hankins
    16. St. Louis Rams Johnathon Cooper
    17. Pittsburgh Steelers Ziggy Ansah
    18. Dallas Cowboys Kawann Short
    19. New York Giants Manti Teo
    20. Chicago Bears Keenan Allen
    21. Cincinnati Bengals Alec Ogletree
    22. St. Louis Rams Menelik Watson
    23. Minnesota Vikings Sam Montgomery
    24. Indianapolis Colts Damontre Moore
    25. Seattle Seahawks Sylvester Williams
    26. Green Bay Packers Zach Ertz
    27. Houston Texans Deandre Hopkins
    28. Denver Broncos Desmond Trufant
    29. New England Patriots Xavier Rhodes
    30. Atlanta Falcons Tyler Eifert
    31. San Francisco 49ers John Jenkins
    32. Baltimore Ravens Alex Okafor

    Last one until after free agency
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    Is there an upside to taking Cooper over Warmack?
  6. Zappa71

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    No way Bray gets drafted in the first round.
  7. Fry

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  8. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    1. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
    -Head scratcher why they got rid of Winston and just created another need.
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon
    -Fits Bradley's system and the Jags really need to improve their pass rush.
    3. Oakland Raiders: Shariff Floyd, DT, Florida
    -Need help on the DL and Floyd's stock is skyrocketing.
    4. Philadelphia Eagles: Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M
    -OL is in shambles, Joeckel falls to 4 and everyone in the war room starts crying tears of joy.
    5. Detroit Lions: Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    -Top CB, they need CB, let's not over think this.
    6. Cleveland Browns: Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU
    -Toss up between Mingo and Ansah, Browns need a pass rusher and Mingo has great athleticism.
    7. Arizona Cardinals: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia
    -Please give Larry Fitzgerald a QB, I miss him.
    8. Buffalo Bulls: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee
    -Want either a QB or WR and Smith is now off the board.
    9. New York Jets: Ezekial Ansah, DE/OLB, BYU
    -Jets need to reload on defense, probably will pass on Guard at 9.
    10. Tennessee Titans: Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
    -Can't shake feeling we go outside OL in the 1st, considered going CB last year so why not this year.
    11. San Diego Chargers: Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma
    -They need help on OL, no brainer.
    12. Miami Dolphins: Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
    -Need a weapon for Tannehill, Austin is a more explosive Kendall Wright.
    13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida St
    -They really need some CB help and a top 3 CB falls to them.
    14. Carolina Panthers: Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah
    -I'm assuming his condition isn't that bad but Panthers need help on the DL and Star could fall.
    15. New Orleans Saints: Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
    -Yes they're moving to a 3-4 but they did give up the most yards ever through the air.
    16. St. Louis Rams: Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
    -Oh hey our first OG is off the board.
    17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia
    -Scary that he falls to the Steelers
    18. Dallas Cowboys: Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
    -BPA and they need OL help bad.
    19. New York Giants: Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida St
    -How do they always get so many good DE's?
    20. Chicago Bears: D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama
    -Does anyone watch Bears games? Cutler gets murdered.
    21. Cincinnati Bengals: Alec Ogletree, MLB, Georgia
    -Bengals need more LB's and Ogletree is the top inside guy.
    22. St. Louis Rams: Keenan Allen, WR, California
    -Need another target for Bradford.
    23. Minnesota Vikings: Sheldon Richardson
    -Big fall of the draft, Vikings get a steal.
    24. Indianapolis Colts: Kevin Minter, MLB, LSU
    -They need help in the middle and Minter can be a leader for them.
    25. Seattle Seahawks: Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
    -Sure why not beef up that already great defense.
    26. Green Bay Packers: Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas St
    -Need to improve front lines and tackling, Brown does both.
    27. Houston Texans: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson
    -Defense is good and can be addressed later, adding another threat on offense happens now.
    28. Denver Broncos: Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State
    -Time to develop another young CB.
    29. New England Patriots: Robert Woods, WR, USC
    -Patriots losing weapons on offense which may include Welker, need to get Brady more targets.
    30. Atlanta Falcons: Tank Carradine, DE, FSU
    -Willing to take the risk since their DE position is depleted.
    31. San Francisco 49ers: Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State
    -More of a this will be a need soon but might as well take care of it now kind of pick.
    32. Baltimore Ravens: Damontre Moore, OLB, Texas A&M
    -Oh how the mighty have fallen and damn the Ravens for getting him.

    -Didn't look into this one as much, so definitely going to have a lot of changes in the next one.
    -Even though I want Warmack or Cooper I just can't see the Titans going OG with the 10th pick no matter how big of a need. We were linked to CB last year with Dre Kirk and Gilmore and Trufant imo is the 2nd best CB in this draft.
    -More QB's will be drafted but I didn't account for trades.
    -I really like Elam and Slay but didn't have a spot for them.
    -Moore, Star, and Banks were the hardest for me to project.
    -Has anyone else noticed how many teams are switching to the 3-4?
  9. Fry

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    Last one until the week of the draft.


    1. Kansas City: Luke Joeckel
    2. Jacksonville: Dion Jordan
    3. Oakland: Sharif Floyd
    4. Philadelphia: Geno Smith
    5. Detroit: Eric Fisher
    6. Cleveland: Ziggy Ansah
    7. Arizona: Lane Johnson
    8. Buffalo: Tavon Austin
    9. NY Jets: Dee Milliner
    10.Tennessee: Jonathon Cooper
    11. San Diego: Barkevious Mingo
    12. Miami: Star Lotulelei
    13. Tampa: Xavier Rhodes
    14. Carolina: Sheldon Richardson
    15. New Orleans: Sylvester Williams
    16. St. Louis: Chance Warmack
    17. Pittsburgh: Jarvis Jones
    18. Dallas: Kenny Vacarro
    19. NY Gaints: Desmond Trufant
    20. Chicago: Alec Ogletree
    21. Cincinatti: DJ Fluker
    22. St. Louis: Cordarelle Patterson
    23. Minnesota: Sam Montgomery
    24. Indy: Menelik Watson
    25. Minnesota: Kawann Short
    26. Green Bay: Tyler Eifert
    27. Houston: John Jenkins
    28. Denver: Damontre Moore
    29. New England: Matt Elam
    30. Atlanta: Zach Ertz
    31. San Fran: Datone Jones
    32. Baltimore: Jonathon Cyprien
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    Pretty damn good draft there my friend.