Good news on Collier, but still no suspect

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    It's great news that Richard Collier is out of the hospital.
    But how scary is it that he will continue his recovery from 14 gunshot wounds, an amputated leg and paralysis below the waist at an undisclosed location because his shooter is still at large?
    I'm sure officials are doing everything possible to find the gunman. Still, it's hard not to feel frustrated over the lack of news. Somebody out there knows something. Seems likely they are moved more by fear to stay quiet than by guilt to speak up.
    In the meantime, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio spoke enthusiastically about Collier's recovery.
    "He's going to have a long, difficult rehab," Del Rio said. "We just want to be there, help support him. I just thank God he's alive. When I saw him the day after he'd been shot, I really did not think that there would be a day when he would get out of the hospital. He was in bad, bad shape.
    "I just thank God that he's still alive, and I know that God kept him alive for some reason. I hope that Big Rich finds that calling and is able to do some good in the world with the time he has left here on Earth."

Thread Status:
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