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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>David Gibbs is the Texans' new secondary coach. He has a deal and things will be finalized by next week.</p> <p>It's no big surprise as coach Gary Kubiak basically indicated at the recent press conference announcing Frank Bush's promotion to defensive coordinator that Gibbs had an offer.</p> <p>Now he jumps from Kansas City to Houston, where he replaces Jon Hoke. He's likely to get some new personnel to work with through the draft and free agency.</p> <p>Cornerback Dunta Robinson is a free agent and the team's top in-house priority. Several other defensive backs are set to become <a href="/blogs/afcsouth/0-7-414/Houston-UFAs-to-be.html" target="_blank">unrestricted free agents</a> on Feb. 27.</p> <p>The Texans will look to upgrade at safety and corner as well as for defensive line help for Mario Williams.</p> <p>Gibbs' dad, Alex, coordinates the Texans run game as assistant head coach/offense. It's easy to make cracks about keeping it in the family, but I am told the younger Gibbs is a respected coach who understands how to make the back end of a defense work. He's got seven years of NFL experience with Denver and Kansas City.</p> <p>However, the Texans still have openings for defensive line coach, strength coach and head trainer, and it would be good if the hires are not related to anyone on the staff and have no connection to the former lives of Kubiak and GM Rick Smith as part of the Denver Broncos.</p> <p>The only candidate to interview for the D-line job so far that we know of is Rod Marinelli, the recently fired coach of the Detroit Lions. He's since been hired in Chicago as assistant head coach/defensive line.</p>

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