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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>At the start of the month, in conjunction with a bigger project unfolding in its final stages on "SportsCenter" this week, I <a href="/blogs/afcsouth/0-7-503/Who-should-be-on-the-Titans--Mount-Rushmore-.html" target="_blank">asked you</a> which faces belong on a Mount Rushmore for the Titans.</p> <p>There wasn't a true consensus on whether to only go back to 1997 when the team relocated to Tennessee or to include the franchise's entire history.</p> <p>But the AFC South executive advisory committee has decided since we said such a mount would be carved near LP Field or the team's current practice facility, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have Earl Campell's face immortalized there.</p> <p>With that in mind, here is a sampling of your responses:</p> <p><strong>wes0243:</strong> Steve Mcnair- The guy could wake up and #### blood and still take us to a W in his prime! <a href="" target="_new">Eddie George</a>- The man never stepped out of bounds, always got the extra yard and carried us to multiple playoff games. <a href="" target="_new">Bruce Matthews</a>- Set the tone for the tough as nails leader on the line. The length of his career was amazing. <a href="" target="_new">Keith Bulluck</a>- Plays at a pro-bowl level every year and never complains about the lack of attention. Sets the tone for the rest of our D</p> <p><strong>William Smith:</strong> I would go with the consensus and say that for this one only Titans era players. Fisher, Eddie, Bruce, and Steve (sorry Frank). Also, the best place for this would be to replace that eyesore junk pile south of the stadium, Steiner-Lif (probably misspelled)</p> <p><strong>titans_burt:</strong> From a Titans only perspective, I would say Steve, Eddie, Jeff, and Bruce.<br /> JB in TX: PK, I definitely think there should be a separate Oilers and Titans rushmore. Oilers: Bum, Earl, Moon, Elvin Bethea Titans: Fisher, McNair, George, Bruce Matthews Tough to leave Munchak off of the Oilers, and Wycheck off the Titans, but I'd have a hard time replacing anyone that was named. Thanks for the chats all season, too bad the year ended a few weeks earlier than it should have... -JB</p> <p><strong>FinneganFan:</strong> Fisher, McNair, Matthews, Wycheck.</p> <p><strong>Jordan H. in Hendersonville:</strong> In regards to your Mt. Rushmore article, I have put a lot of thought into who I would put on a Titans/Oilers edition and it has come down to this: First, Bruce Matthews has to be on there. The guy is definitely one of the best interior linemen in the history of the NFL. He went to 14 straight Pro Bowls and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in '07. Not to mention the guy played all 19 of his seasons with the franchise. He's a lock. Second, I would have to include Jeff Fisher. I think he is still one of the most underrated coaches in the NFL today because he gets more out of his teams that expected, while people continue to doubt. He is currently the longest tenured coach in the NFL and took the franchise to its only Super Bowl appearance. Third, I would put Earl Campbell on there. He was a beast after the Oilers drafted him, becoming all-pro as a rookie and leading the league in rushing for 3 seasons in a row. The only other running back I know of to do that is Jim Brown... good company. Fourth, I would choose <a href="" target="_new">Warren Moon</a>. The first african american QB to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, while he managed to get selected to nine Pro Bowls. Problem is, he played many years with the CFL and other NFL teams. Honorable Mention: <a href="" target="_new">Steve McNair</a>, Eddie George, <a href="" target="_new">Frank Wycheck</a>, and Bud Adams. (What are your thoughts on their chances at the HOF?)</p> <p><strong>jdp2278:</strong> McNair,George,and Fisher for sure!After that its a toss up between Matthews,Wycheck,and Bulluck.The Texans can use Oilers to make up theirs,they need them worse than we do!</p> <p><strong>tamuag08:</strong> Here are my picks (and I only know the <a href="" target="_new">Tennessee Titans</a>):<br /> For Sure/Absolutely must<br /> 1. Jeff Fisher - he IS the Titans<br /> 2. Steve McNair - Incredible Quarterback who did lead us to the Superbowl<br /> My next two:<br /> 3. Eddie George - incredible, that's all I got to say<br /> 4. Bruce Matthews - a legend in football</p> <p><strong>Rickforce:</strong> If Oilers aren't included it has to be McNair, George, Matthews & Bulluck. If Oilers are included only one Titan gets in, Matthews. Otherwise it would be Moon, Matthews, Munchak & Campbell.</p> <p><strong>Oddest nomination</strong>: Dolly Parton.</p> <p><strong>Key debate and what surprised me:</strong> Frank Wycheck remains immensely popular, in large part because he's the color analyst for the Titans Radio Network and a co-host of a Nashville morning sports talk show. (Disclaimer: I'm a regular on that show.) He can't rank ahead of the four I'm going with, I don't believe.</p> <p><strong>Hardest to leave off:</strong> Keith Bulluck, a longtime rock for the defense. But I struggled to make room for him based on the profiles of his competition. Same thing, ironically, that often happens to him in Pro Bowl balloting.</p> <p>Critics can say this is too heavy on offense. I'll defend myself by saying Jeff Fisher's defensive background is a factor and asking who of the other three do you take off? Yes the bulk of the offensive lineman's Hall of Fame career came in Houston, but his last five years were in Tennessee and he's got to be here.</p> <p>And so, the Tennessee Titans' Mount Rushmore is: Bruce Matthews, Eddie George, Steve McNair and Jeff Fisher.</p>

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