Get Calico Out Of Here Now..........

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. Gunny

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    you dont think every other team goes through this?
  2. Puck

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    which again points to how bad Madden really is
  3. GoT

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    Reese really crippled the Titans by keeping the 9/27/89/90ect team together for to long - although that is hindsite by me.

    Philly and NE are examples of teams that do it differently - they basically do not sign their guys to big second contracts. Not saying they never do. Tennessee should not have signed EG to his second deal and should have taken a HB in the first the year he was a FA, plus would have gotten a compensation pick that Reese could have traded to Houston for who knows what.:lol:

    BUT the real reason the Titans are where they are is Reese's lack of draft success combined with his mortgaging the CAP. Again this is hindsite on my part but hopefully it does not need to be repeated.

    So when CB is due to become a FA he should be sent forth. TH should not have been signed. And the HB position should recieve a "value" pick every season, and a high pick when the starter is allowed to go FA.
  4. The epic battle continues next training camp and when things turn around, true Titans fans will too. Deltha O'Neal was considered a failure in Broncos land after 4 years, then traded away, then he became a Pro Bowler and has dessimated the Titans each time we have face Cinncinatti since then. He has 10 picks this year (wow). Total Titans ints = 9. I remember being impressed by him and many Broncos fans said many of the things on the Broncos boards that Titans fans say about you know who on this board. They cheered when he got dumped.... Now he is flying high.... Despite the few bad games this year, Andre has had some pretty good ones as well. I won't zero in on the bad because the good ones show improvement. At least the bad ones were vs. Hall of Fame Receivers - Holt, Harrison (The games which afterwards Titans fans were yelling get him out of here and He's a Bust, etc.). I guess the whole secondary is busted because the whole secondary has been torched all year. Ironic that the worst defeats all came in games in which he didn't start or play.... ok...... Done with this thread and see ya later...... you anti Andre people have fun with this one....... WU
  6. MadAboutMcNair

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    Being a good uncle myself, I admire your tenacity. And being a Titan Fan, I hope your optimism is proved true. I think KVB is proof positive of your argument. We need to have patience, this is going to take longer than we thought. We are all tired of it. So what, do any of us think the team is not tired of it too? Do Floyd, Jeff, Norm and the boys like to lose? Of course they don't. Here is to hoping that we can win 5 games this year. Draft position be damned. Injuries be damned. But mostly, damn the Jags.
  7. Brian

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    When you draft as many "projects" as we have, that is certainly true.
  8. maximus

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    The Bengals arent the Bungals anymore
  9. Brian

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    Did you see them choke away a first round bye last week?
  10. Nine

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    Obviously, a number of players have not played up to expectations, and frustration is not only understandable, but is to be expected.

    However, the Titans gain absolutely nothing by releasing them before training camp next year. Their cap hit is minimal, and releasing them does nothing more than create another hole that will need to be filled.

    Calico's stats may not be all that impressive, but he's contributed more than Eddie Berlin and Darrell Hill did in four years.

    Woolfolk may not have developed into the shutdown corner that the Titans clearly hoped he would be, but if they were to release him, then you can add nickelback to the team's list of holes to fill. Woolfolk is pretty darn solid as a nickel...the chances of finding equal talent at an affordable salary would be slim.

    I guess what I'm saying is this: forget about draft positions and "bust" labels...once the season starts, the only thing that matters is what these guys can do on the field. And until the team finds someone who can come in and do a better job for less money, then I see no reason to even consider cutting these guys.
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