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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Upright7

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    Ya his background kind of supports your fears, but he was smart enough to realize that he was wasting his opportunity to play in the nfl by dropping out of college and he turned his life around. Ive got a lot of respect for that! I thought we drafted him at corner... was he a saftey in college? His play at corner in the last few games of the year was pretty solid, maybe theres still hope for him!
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    I'm still holding out hope for Tommie Campbell, you just don't see many guys with his size and speed at CB.
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    Though I think Wilson is a good player I don't want to go the veteran route at the position again. I mean he's older than Babs and most of us think he's done. We keep trying to put a band aid on this problem instead of drafting a guy to fix it long term. Give me Elam, Reid or Vacarro in the 2nd (whoever is there) and let them play there for us for 10 years. Enough with this sign a vet for 2-3 years crap.
  4. Upright7

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    young players make mistakes that Veterans tend not to. prime example Ravens versus Forty Niners in the superbowl.
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    Hope was very good for us, then the age wall hit him... and he couldn't cover a dead pigeon.
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    IMO your right to some extent. Excellent is quite a strong word, and he was that in his first year. I'm not so sure I'd call his other years excellent, but he was extremely solid and contributions as a leader were even more valuable during those later years.

    Thing is moving to a new team and system and still playing that great in his first year, was pretty darn good. There was no learning curve for him or anything like that. I remember when Chris left PIT, essentially as a cap casualty, Troy had some great things to say about him. And I remember analysts saying good things about him as well, both in reference to how he would cover the backend so well - so that Troy could do as he (and LeBeau) wanted - freelancing around to make plays.

    We all thought when bringing Chris here, Griff would assume a similar role toTroy as a playmaker (ala Big Al days). But he just wasn't as assertive and aggressive as he needed to be. Its ironic that we kept on saying we would have one of the top tandems at the 'S' position and the reason that never materialized fell on Griff more than Hope...

    Also, as ya all said, the age is definitely a concern with regards to George, 32 is very old in this 'Not For Long' league of ours....
  7. xpmar9x

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    Dont. He's great size and speed, but the brain of Kenny Britt.
  8. HeadOnASwivel

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    I'm really getting tired of the bottom barrel approach this team takes to free agency year after year after year. George Wilson, really? William Moore, Jairus Byrd, LaRon Landry, Dashon Goldson, Louis Delmas are free agents and we go after 32 year old George friggin' Wilson?

    I don't know guys, sometimes you just need to grab impact players if free agency, this is just the some old approach of fixing the crack in the dam with a piece of bubble gum, and I'm sick and tired of it.

    Look, no team goes into free agency with a "lets build our team approach". You go into free agency hoping to grab a couple impact players in key positions of critical need. This isn't a hard concept to figure out, I don't see why this organization can't see it.

    Build through the draft and get a couple impact players to shore up critical needs, not that difficult. Don't try to tell me that this team can't afford to bring in William Moore and a Andy Levitre, that's BS plain and simple. Instead we'll end up with George Wilson and Chilo Rachal. And we'll get more 8-8 or hopefully 9-7 seasons in return.

    I hate to always sound negative but this problem seems systemic with this team and, sadly, I fear that won't change until Bud passes on ownership.
  9. TitanJeff

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    He visited Baptist Sports Park. I don't blame the Titans for talking to the guy. We don't know if any of the players you mention may become tagged or re-signed by their current teams. Obviously, the team is going to bring in the best player available for a high-need position. I think it would be stupid to not keep every option available.
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    Moore, Byrd, and Goldson may not even see the market. Delmas, nto sure about but he has started 18 out of 32 games the past 2 seasons. Thats missing almost half of them.

    I think Wilson is the one that is available, so they brought him in to take a look. Much better than holding out hope that one of the guys above will hit the market while the available ones are taken up.

    Thats exactly what they are doing imo. Every FA signing cant be "the answer" and we have a lot of holes to fill. Babs or Wilson, who do you want, 123 go


    You want to make Levitre the highest paid guard in the league? Im pretty sure his contract will come close to it.

    I wouldnt mind btw, I really want Levitre

    I think what I am trying to get at is all teams try to build through the draft. If they were successful, there would not be a FA.

    Now if you say we should invest more money in the scouting department, then im all for it.
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