George Wilson

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Scarecrow

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    *maybe* we are going after a younger guy to by Martin another year to get used to everything?

    It would make sense to bring Wilson in for a year or two to have an immediate impact, then have Martin replace him when he is ready.
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  2. ImATitan

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    Glad that we took a visit with him. He's an instant upgrade. I wouldn't be mad at this signing at all.
  3. Danimal

    Danimal Starter

    This kind of signing is a win/win for our team. We get leadership, proven results, ready to play, and someone besides M.G. to help bring along our newly drafted safety. I'm thumbs up on this one . . .
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  4. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    I just hope that these guys we've brought in aren't just using us to get more money elsewhere. That would suck if they have no real interest in playing here. Not a a good sign if so dude.
  5. Msut10

    Msut10 Starter

    I think we have to get this guy. Of course it's not a long term answer but our offensive line needs help in multiple places. I'd rather use him as a band aid for a year or two so we can address the offensive line now. We really need an overhaul at least the interior so we can put ourselves in a position where if one of our tackles starts to drop off in the near future we can fix that too all while remaining pretty competitive with our bolstered interior.

    If somehow we could get Levitre and Wilson in FA, then go grab Warmack, and Jones (Or resign Velesco) we could really plug a lot of holes for our franchise. That also lets us pick up a solid defender in the 2nd round probably not to mention with the 3rd/4th we get for Finny.

    That way it sets us up to have the best protection possible for Locker and CJ, both of whom need to come through in a big way for our franchise to be successful. Not to mention it will give us a great young OL that could be dominate for the next 10 years or so.
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  6. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    The way I see it we have 3 options at the Safety position (Griffin isn't getting cut, Babs is gone)-

    1. We sign a top SS in Free Agency and have them fill the need for 3-5 years. (ex. William Moore)
    2. Sign a guy to fill the need for 1-3 years and still draft a SS to step in a couple of years. (ex. George Wilson)
    3. Draft a guy in the first 2 rounds and sign a guy for depth. (ex.Matt Elam)

    I've said this before but imo I would rather go #1 or #2. Even though I really like Matt Elam if we don't get him then we're kind of screwed. There aren't many guys in the draft that could come right in and start for us at SS. I would like to add a few more vets this off season since the team is already one of the youngest, getting some leadership in the locker room would be huge.
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  7. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    I like 1 and 2 as well. I don't think drafting a S high should be a big priority right now simply becuase we have a lot of holes to fill, and I believe you build through the draft, inside out (starting with the OL/DL, and working to out to the other players). So I wouldn't mind a band aid fix right now.

    That being said, your option 1 is a little risky too. What if go for the top SS and miss, and in the meantime the 2nd tier (band aid) guys are signed to other teams? ... My solution is go for the bandaid right now (Wilson) and also go for the top guy that could be a long term fix as well (Moore) in FA. If we get both, then we cut one later in camp. If we miss out on Moore, then good thing we got wilson. If we land Moore 1st, then forget the 2nd tier guy.

    UCTITAN Starter

    i think william moore would be the best ss out there for us. dont think he leaves atlanta though. i think he gets tagged or paid by them.
  9. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    i'm sold on vacarro and elam...if we could trade back and pick up elam, warford and another player that could help immediately i think we would be set...or even if we got vacarro to play ss for a year till gruff leaves
  10. Alzarius

    Alzarius Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    Read on another site as well as a couple google searches, may get an extra 3rd this year.
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