Pre-Game Thread Game 5: Chiefs @ Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Oct 2, 2013.

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    hes hurt again?
  3. GoT

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    KB was never injured
  4. Scarecrow

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    I'm sure he has been butt hurt for some time now.
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  5. RTH

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    I hear a lot of complaints and criticism of Fitz - not completely unwarranted, mind you - but, I gotta say something...

    He's a backup QB. Should he have passed or run the offense better in the first half? Yes. However, the Titans SHOULD have had a running game that was worth a s***. If the run game worked in the slightest, Fitz wouldn't have had to be THE offense.

    That's that problem... Fitz WAS the offense in that game. He was the one that got it going in the second half with his runs, surprising elusiveness and that quick pitch to CJ for the TD.

    Reynaud shouldn't have been out there to put the Titans in the hold with that stupid TD. Take that brain-fart away and the Chiefs only have 6 points in the first half.

    If Fitz had a run game worth a damn, the Titans might have scored on the goalline in less than 4 downs.

    Lots of criticism about his INTs... yes, not unwarranted, HOWEVER... take those two things I mentioned already and Fitz SHOULDN'T have even been in that situation - that's even with the AS penalty.

    Fitz isn't clutch. When he had to put the team on his back for a, almost, final drive to get us back the lead... I feared it was coming. Fitz isn't clutch. Back-up QBs AREN'T clutch. That's why they're back-ups. If Fitz WERE clutch... he'd still be a starter.

    And, no... I DON'T believe Matt Hass would've faired much better. He's a statue that is not elusive like Fitz. No run game and WRs that drop passes - BRITT - people would be complaining about us losing AND blaming it on Hass.

    Fitz isn't that great... barely good - for a back-up - but without a run game... IT'S IRRELEVANT.

    Our lack of a run game is what killed us. Fitz actually got us back in the game and made it competitive.

    Sorry for rambling... but I'm getting fed up with hearing on here and on the radio how Fitz is terrible and kept sounding like people blame him for the loss.
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  6. RavensShallBurn

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    Yea, I was Fitzpatrick's biggest critic going into Sunday's game, but I was actually pleased with his performance for the most part.

    Like you said, he's a backup QB - probably the best backup in the league. Imagine if we had to play with Rusty Sunday. 10 in the box all day, maybe even 11. :D If Rusty was in, this wouldn't have been a contest, and we would've lost 34-0.

    If you had to put the blame on someone for the picks it would be Fitzpatrick, but the throws weren't horrendous or anything (though he did make a couple bad ones that were dropped picks). On the first one the ball needed to be a yard further toward the sidelines, but Nate should've been able to knock that out of the defender's hands. The second one was when we were in desperation mode.

    Really, more than anything, those picks were a product of the refs horrible personal foul call on us the drive before IMO. That completely changed everything. Fitz was doing a great job with intermediate throws. I don't know why we felt compelled to throw that 15+ yard pass to Washington along the sidelines. Should've stuck with the short, intermediate dink and dunks that were working. We probably would have if it weren't for that terrible call.

    I expected a 3 game losing streak as soon as Jake went down, but in reality I knew it was possible, if not probable with or without Jake - due to the toughness of the schedule. We need to steal one of these next two games or we'll be digging ourselves a massive hole too big to climb out of.

    If we can manage to win these next two... miracle - and I'll be clearing my schedules for Saturdays in January because we'll be there.
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