Post-Game Thread Game 12 Final Score: Browns 41 - Titans 35

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Dec 6, 2020.

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  1. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Pro Bowler

    Not even close to true. “Almost impossible” but yet playoff percentages are only 85% currently and literally one week away from being on the outside looking in again.

    You called people haters for saying we weren’t sold on them winning 11 games this year and the browns were trash. Now you gotta eat your crow.

    This titans team can beat anyone but they can lose to anyone. And the team is way too inconsistent.
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  2. Whitters21

    Whitters21 Starter


    Old but sadly still true.
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  3. TitanMark

    TitanMark Starter

    I’m here and have been eating that crow since 3:30.

    I’m here and eating my crow. Been eating all day. I was wrong today. But you must now admit you are wrong. There is no combination next week that can knock the Titans out of the playoffs. Even with a loss to the Jags and a win by the Colts. It takes 2 losses and other things to happen. It’s not as simple as 1 week away from being out.
  4. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Very disappointing to wake up to. Glad I didn't watch, I wouldn't have been watching the second half anyway.

    This D is going to kill the season without a doubt. The third down conversions allowed is still really, really bad. Thanks to a couple games, it looks better than it should.

    Sucks Henry couldn't be more of the game.

    Titans also tried very hard to continue giving the ball away all day. That was a new trick as they've been pretty good about TO all year.

    They need to move on quick and take care of business. 3/4 games left, the Titans are still going to be favorites. Beat Jax and Hou, division should still be ours.

    currently, I like the playoff setup as we would get this rematch. I think the Titans take care of the ball better, they win.
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  5. Afc46

    Afc46 Oilers/Titans HoFer

    1-3 vs the afc north. Ironically before the season kicked off I had them going 3-1 losing to the ratbirds.

    This next game against Jax is going to be nerve wrecking ...
  6. Rpgczar

    Rpgczar Camp Fodder

    Yea the texans almost had us due to frank reich questionable play calling. I was surprised the browns jumped out like that on you guys
  7. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    To be fair, he’s been playing well until today. His lack of make up speed was apparent today though.
  8. Hormesis

    Hormesis Pro Bowler

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  9. abc2330

    abc2330 Starter

    Defense is ass, QB and receivers are really good. How did we get here?
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  10. McNair9

    McNair9 Special Teams Standout

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