Pre-Game Thread Game 1: Titans @ Steelers

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. NcTitans_fan

    NcTitans_fan Starter

    Our D was on point offically not worried about this season...I think we can beat the Texans next week the way our D is playing...

    some might say the offense was bad but Locker managed the game and we ran the ball mostly well against a d that was first last year..

    Don't let the magnitude of this win go overlooked ..we didn't get lucky we played lights out.
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  2. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    Pretty risky to spot any NFL team 2 points... but I guess the Titans felt cocky enough to do so...
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  3. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter


    As much as I despise Jerry Gray I think our D is really looking up. I will not be giving Gray any credit, clearly Williams has had more of an influence than I imagined.

    Locker didn't look great... 11/20 125 yards and a drop from Williams, but most importantly ZERO turnovers, that was the difference.
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  4. titansfan89

    titansfan89 Starter

    I truly thought that the game was over after Rey's stupid mistake. However, our D settled in after that endzone fumble. NO, Jake did not look good at all today, but we showed that we could win when our offense fell flat. Loved what I saw from Greene today running the ball and Battle is a good version of Harper, nose down and pound it.

    Our O-Line looked shaking at the start, but I'm overall pleased with how they played. Albeit Stewart needs to keep his cool.

    Gameball : Brown - that guy is a stud, and Casey with a close second. I'll be at the game next week rooting for our boys. Can't wait
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  5. UrbanLegend3

    UrbanLegend3 Pro Bowler

    Make no mistake boys, we will need to play SIGNIFICANTLY better next week to beat the Texans. They are a much better team than Pitt and as much as I hate JJ Watt, he will make it and even tougher day for us running the ball. If we can get that win however, that's two signature wins very early in the season, no one will be able to overlook us then...
  6. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    Wow, I'm so freaking happy and speechless.

    We pretty much did everything I thought we needed too if we wanted to win this game.
    The defense was aggressive and got after Big Ben like we needed too.
    We completely shut down the run game.
    We ran the ball effectively when needed.

    Jake wasn't great (some erratic throws) but he also had some huge conversions on 3rd down (3rd and long at that).

    Standout players:
    Pitoitua (he was all over the field in the first half making plays)
    Jurrell Casey was extremely disruptive
    Derrick Morgan was good
    Zach Brown was the player of the game for me. I love this guy, he's growing on me quickly.
    Jason Mccourty was a shut down corner. Played fantastic. Made big player after big play in man coverage.

    Delanie Walker impressed me on offense. He flashed more receiving ability than I expected.
    Our OL was pretty damn good, but broke down more than I expected.

    Battle was able to pick up the slack when Greene down.

    I just don't know what to say. I'm beyond ecstatic. This game went exactly as I hoped. We just went into Heinz Field week one and got a W. Let's not underrate that. A very difficult thing to do.

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  7. Shanvhere

    Shanvhere Elite

    Funny thing is Munchak said this is Greys defense, but looked so much like a Williams defense
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  8. memphis_raven

    memphis_raven Starter

    Congrats on the win, that was huge! Your D had me a little worried playing prevent that last drive but they knew it was a two score game.

    Loved it!
  9. CalgaryTitansFan

    CalgaryTitansFan Starter

    Our d- you mean the guys who gave up 0 points?
  10. nbtoppers2

    nbtoppers2 Starter

    ??? they scored a TD. we gave up points. only because prevent though.
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