Gage having career day for Titans

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky JACKSONVILLE -- With just two possessions in the second half, the Titans have flipped the script on the Jaguars. An anemic offense woke up with touchdown drives of 55 and 63 yards. Tennessee is now ahead 17-14.

    [​IMG]Gage Receiver Justin Gage got the second touchdown on a 56-yard bomb from Kerry Collins up the right side. Cornerback Drayton Florence stumbled in coverage, and while safety Reggie Nelson made it over in time to prevent a score, he made a weak effort to bring Gage down or get him out of bounds and Gage powered past him.

    That's 109 receiving yards for Gage, a career high. He caught a 47-yard pass on the Titans' first play from scrimmage.

Thread Status:
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