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    Here is a funny story

    Man tells cops: Burglars took my weed, too

    By Len Wells
    Monday, January 5, 2009

    NORRIS CITY, Ill. — A Southern Illinois man reported to police that his marijuana stash was among the items stolen from his home by burglars last week.

    Ronald Gene Kearns, 58, of Norris City, told police used the drug for “pain management,” according to a police report on the burglary.

    Over the weekend, White County (Ill.) Sheriff Doug Maier said his department’s investigation led officers to two 15-year-olds who allegedly admitted to stealing the weed, along with other things, from Kearns’ home. Information about the juveniles’ involvement in the heist has been forwarded to the White County State’s Attorney for possible prosecution.

    Deputies said other items taken included $200 cash and a Beatles poster in a handmade wooden frame.

    When Kearns told investigators that his marijuana — enough for “a good two joints” — also had been stolen, the officer taking the report advised him that it was illegal to possess the drug in Illinois.

    Kearns told officers he used the marijuana for pain management, “and did not grow it,” the report said. Kearns declined to tell officers where he bought the marijuana.

    Kearns has not been charged with any crimes.
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