"Free" XB Ultimate Gamepass For Up To 3 Years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by VondyP, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. VondyP

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    Xbox just recently announced that it is releasing it's PC gamepass and is packaging it together with their old gamepass, plus xbox live service for the console, for $15/mo. They are also currently running a special where if you upgrade now, you get the first month for $1. (which you pay up front, so not free, I lied)

    What they don't mention is that if you upgrade now for $1 it converts ALL of your current remaining XB live subscription to this ultimate gamepass, for up to 36 months, with no extra charge. Your first month of "paid" doesn't start until your last month of XB Live runs out. AND it allows you to buy more subscription, and upgrade for $1 after with no problems.

    Also, you are able to cancel anytime, so once it starts charging you, just cancel if you don't like it.

    So basically, max yourself out at 36 months of live subscription, pay $1, and get a tons of games for the next 3 years for "free". This is going to include the new halo, gears of war, and whatever else they decide to add on in the next 3 years to both XB and the PC side. (I imagine they have a lot planned)

    Not sure how long this special is running so do it ASAP.
    You're welcome.
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    Wait so what do I don
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  3. Finnegan2win

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    I had LIVE prepaid to 3/2020 and 3 months on gamepass, upgraded, next bill for gamepass is 6/2020. Pretty decent. Buying 3 years of LIVE upfront is a bit much unless you find it on sale
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  4. VondyP

    VondyP Sunshiner General

    no doubt, just an option to get free gamepass. chances are you are going to buy it anyways, right'?

    i didnt buy 3 years worth before i did mine because i didnt realize how it worked. i have it free until like june next year.
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