Free Agency Update: Titans Hoping Curtis Visits

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. A living legend. Staff

    SUMMARY: The Titans are hoping WR Kevin Curtis plans to visit. "What you like about him is his speed," Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt said. "He's a guy you could start on the outside in regular situations and in passing situations you'd probably move him into the slot, which he did a lot of with the Rams. So he could bring versatility to it, too." WR Justin Gage is scheduled to visit Baptist Sports Park today. CB Nick Harper has not visited other teams yet but is getting interest from the Lions and Vikings. Reinfeldt says the Titans will bring in a veteran RB at some point. "There are guys who are either on the block now, are in the restricted market or will become potential trade opportunities in the future," he said.

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  2. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I think Curtis is a nice fit.
  3. Smash

    Smash Soccer God

    He's an excellent slot and he'll probably demand a contract like noglue-drew.
  4. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    I dont think Curtis will get Drew money. The reason is Drew has played and performed well as a #2 and has experience as a #1. He's also had more production than Curtis as well. Curtis on the other hand has been a slot guy/#3 most of his career and shouldn't warrant a contract more than that of Wade. Honestly, if we can get a vet RB and some vet. CB depth, I'll be pleased. We should turn to the draft for our WR.
  5. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

    just curious if WR's look at the Titans past history in signing FA WR's to the team and decide to pass. The Titans track record isn't that great with WR's
  6. I'd bring him in if... (cue Rod Roddy) the price is right...
  7. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    I'm for pulling in Harper...that makes for a nice offseason so far
  8. Coach_Largent

    Coach_Largent Camp Fodder

    Curtis would be an excellent signing.

    I also like Justin Gage a lot and think he could be a nice addition. He certainly gives a nice red-zone option. He's better than he's been able to show in a bad passing offense (with how many different QBs?) in Chicago. I'd like to see the Titans grab him.
  9. titansfan20

    titansfan20 Air McNair

    Agreed. I want Harper. Have no problem with bringing in Curtis also (at the right price).
  10. Brian

    Brian Big Fan

    Doubt it. I do know that the fringe FA's look at the current group of scrubs and say, "I could play there". The good players look and say, "I could start there". The smart one's look at our cap room and say, "I want some of that".
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