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    SUMMARY: Will the Titans get the passing game going?
    Despite a 6-2 record, the Titans are dead last in passing yardage. The 149.1 yards per game is 55 yards below the NFL average. For a team who passes so little, they also rank below the NFL average in yards gained per reception at 4.0. Vince Young sits at the bottom of the AFC individual statistics for passer rating and average gain per reception.

    The game plan to run against the 30th-ranked Raiders defense was a no-brainer. To do it against the 20th-ranked Panthers also made sense. In these two games, Young had a combined 37 passing attempts. But the Jaguars are currently 15th against the run despite ranking dead last by far after the first game of the regular season when the Titans racked up 282 total yards on them.

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Thread Status:
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