For the Jags to get the highest draft pick possible...

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>Here's rooting advice for Jaguars fans who want the best possible draft pick in April.</p> <p>If the Jaguars lose in Baltimore Sunday and finish 5-11, these results would benefit Jacksonville:</p> <p>Seattle over Arizona, so the Seahawks would be 5-11</p> <p>Oakland over Tampa Bay, so the Raiders would be 5-11</p> <p>Cleveland over Pittsburgh, so the Browns would be 5-11</p> <p>Green Bay over Chicago tonight and over Detroit next week, so the Packers would be 7-9 -- or 6-10 if they split. It would not be favorable for the Jaguars for the Packers to lose two and finish 5-11.</p> <p>The Jaguars can't "catch" Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City or Cincinnati.</p> <p>But with the right results, Jacksonville could be one of group of five teams that finish 5-11 that would then hold draft spots five through nine.</p> <p>The tie-breaker for such things is too difficult to predict with 16 games remaining in the regular season. Teams with the lowest opponents combined winning percentage (the weaker strength of schedule) go to the head of the line in a draft position tie.</p> <p>Here's what the draft order would be if the season was over now:</p> <p>Top 10 of NFL Draft Order:</p> <p>(Team, W-L-T, Opp. combined win percentage/strength of schedule)<br clear="none" /> 1. Lions, 0-15, N/A<br clear="none" /> 2. Rams, 2-13, .533<br clear="none" /> 3. Chiefs, 2-13, .535<br clear="none" /> 4. Bengals, 3-11-1, N/A<br clear="none" /> 5. Seahawks, 4-11, .500<br clear="none" /> 6. Raiders, 4-11, .521<br clear="none" /> 7. Browns, 4-11, .573<br clear="none" /> 8. Jaguars, 5-10, N/A<br clear="none" /> 9. Packers, 5-9, N/A<br clear="none" /> 10. 49ers, 6-9, N/A</p>

Thread Status:
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