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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SephirothSK, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Though it's not the whole picture, the yards per play make me lean toward going after Samuel.

    I like Clements overall, but I couldn't help laugh and think during the B. Jones TD at Buffalo (he couldn't make the play -- pulled up when he knew he didn't have the angle -- but I though-ballooned him anyway) Clements thought "Take it easy....ease up....I might be playing for these guys next year."
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    Here we go again...

    Here's a quick lesson on unofficial stats...

    they are UNOFFICIAL!

    This means there are only 2 ways to get unofficial stats...

    First, you get actual NFL coaches (or former coaches) to watch gamefilm and let THEM decide who was responsible for a WR catching a pass, ect.

    Secondly, you ask the general public to do it.

    The first way would be more accurate but no one wants to pay coaches (nor do coaches want to do this stuff) so everyone ends up with the second way...with FANS doing the stats.

    The results are what we had with Stats Inc. and the same with these guys. Fans doing it. Fans like...oh...YOU AND ME!

    I love what these guys are attempting to do and to differing degrees, they are successful. But if you read through their website you'll notice something. This CB ranking/rating thing is a 'project.' A good idea, but are doing the stats. Here is their explanation taken from

    "FO Game Charting Project – Project initiated in 2005 where FO readers charted all NFL games in order to produce statistics that are publicly unavailable, including yards after catch, assigned defenders on pass plays, offensive formation on each play, and numerous other facts."

    Fans deciding who was covering a pass and deciding on other 'facts' gives us no more or less accuracy than the opinions expressed by the members of this board.

    As Gunny has pointed out, we knew the stats were flawed from the get go. There is no definition given as to whether or not these are all passes vs man coverage which would be accurate in who could defend man coverage, but not be accurate for overall CB play. Suppose a CB plays very well in zone coverage (and his D plays that 85%) of the time but is below avg in man. How do you take into account his overall play without taking into account his zone ability? You can't. And that's where you open a can of worms. If a QB hits a WR on a slant vs a cover 2 in the space between the outside CB, the outside LB and infront of the S, who (or whom) gave up the pass completion? Theoretically, they all did their jobs but the pass route, pass and timing beat the D. Does this not count?

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