Fitzpatrick will beat Locker in camp with no problem.

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    Most of the ones I see now don't even work. Some of them have the phone lines cut in two (who the **** does that, seriously?) or the coin thingy doesn't work. Have you ever read where people used to rob those things? Seriously? What you make off with 20 bucks in quarters? Good luck running from the po po with all that weight tying you down. I think they leave them up in certain places in cities for emergencies.

    This thread is now about pay phones.
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    JCBRAVE you should know more about payphones, Connecticut was the first state to have one. The Connecticut Phone Company had one installed in their office in 1880 and the fee was handed to an attendant sitting near the phone. What a messed up job that must have been. The first coin operated one was installed in the Hartford Bank in Hartford Connecticut in 1889.

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    Yea well I wasn't born til the 1980's so missed that by about a hundred years
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    you look atleast 65 years old. Must be all the years of injecting synthetic hotdogs and the twinkie enemas.
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    I think we do have bigger problems than we all think.
    When we had Hasselbeck and Locker was still hyped and ready to take the lead , everyone thought our QB problems were a thing of the past. But imo we are on the verge of another QB problem! Locker cant even throw at home right now, he will start the season worse off than he ended last season. I hope the Titans are smart enough to have a plan B in 2014. I seen where they visited Jordan Rodgers, I think they know Locker isnt panning out.
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    Russel Wilson, you mean that guy on the team that had one of the best defenses in the league and a competent O-line that allowed him time, and to have a running game? That's what I thought. Wonder how Wilson would have done running for his life from dmen here in Tennessee
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    You do know 1st round qbs have went to crappy teams and still played better than Locker.

    Andy dalton was a 2nd rounder and is better than Locker and went to a crap team.

    Dont even play that card. Good qbs show signs of greatness even on a bad team. Locker hasnt shown anything.
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    Locker hasn't really had a chance to show anything. Sat his first year and in spot duty he threw five TDs, no picks, 0 fumbles. Played in three games relatively healthy in 2012, threw four TDs, two picks, two fumbles and completed 63.6% of his passes. Gets knocked out for seven weeks and killed behind a makeshift offensive line for the remainder of the season.
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    Where is the pride in your states greatest accomplishment?

    Think of all the Pay Phone has been behind... that crappy movie a few years back, that terrible song by Maroon 5..... disappointed.
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    Without the PayPhone what would Superman change his outfit in?

    Back on topic, long as Jake can turn the ball over less than he scores 16tds/15turnovers isn't good. Plus is completion percentage is worse than Vince Young had, that needs to be addressed. He's got more than just one more year though I believe. I can't see them dumping him next year, but I can see us drafting one maybe next year if he doesn't work out this year.