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    Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has one start under his belt this season, and he was slow out of the gate.

    Fitzpatrick expects to be sharper from the get-go on Sunday in Seattle, when he’ll step in again for an injured Jake Locker.

    “Obviously I had a tough start,’’ said Fitzpatrick, who went 5-of-14 for 31 yards in the first half against the Chiefs. “But I got more comfortable as the game went on.

    “But the more we work together, the better we’ll get. There’s definitely a better comfort level this week than there last week, just because I have been through it now for a week.”

    Fitzpatrick finished 21-of-41 for 247 yards and a touchdown against Kansas City. This week he’s preparing to face the NFL’s sixth-ranked defense.

    “We have faced a lot of tough defenses so far, and this is just another big challenge,’’ Fitzpatrick said. “They fly around and they have a lot of speed, a lot of good players. We have to go in and make the plays when they are presented to us.”

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    Munch needs to have the team wear ear plugs all week and do nothing but silent counts.
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    I agree, and blast the music at the stadium, make it impossible to hear. Communication is going to be huge in seattle and we can't afford to have the offense on different pages
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