Fisher's Job Safe for Now

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    SUMMARY: According to Titans owner Bud Adams, coach Jeff Fisher's job isn't at risk during the season regardless of how his team performs. The Titans hold an option on Fisher which would extend him through the end of the 2007 season. GM Floyd Reese is also in the final year of his contract. "They are both very experienced guys," Adams said. "We've just got to see what happens this year. That's the way I've always weighed it — get through the season and see what's happening." The Titans are off to an 0-4 start and have lost seven games in a row, the franchise's longest losing streak since the 1994 Houston Oilers dropped 11 in a row.

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  2. moose4now

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    Because this team has got bigger problems than it's Head Coach.
  3. Ewker

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    I saw his response on the news last night. Reading it sounds a lot better than the way it came across on TV.
  4. fltitan

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    I'm ok with Fishers job being save he is a good football coach however his loyalty may be in the way of turning the team around. If Fisher won't fire Schwartz I hope Mr. Adams makes him and if Fisher refuses then he should be fired. This defense has to many good not necessarialy great DL and LB to be run on the way they have been. On top of being run over yesterday we got NO pressure on the QB and we can't tackle. Get a new DC and let him bring in a new schemes and staff or turn the D over to McGinnis NOW he was an excellent DC before he became a HC give him the rest of the year and see we can have significant improvement.
  5. flamehead2

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    I don't know the tone of it sounded more like "He'll be fired as soon as the season is over"
  6. GoT

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    according to dehr Schwartzie the Titans made run D a point of emphasis this offseason. The 2006 Titans are on pace to allow 2800 yards and 32 rushing TDs
  7. Sledge

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    AKA The Kiss of Death
  8. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    \and they're even letting backups and 3rd stringers get some love

    why the hell does Fish put up with this crap
  9. vnomus2

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    I think Jeff Fisher is a good coach, however, I am not so sure I believe that as strongly as I used to. I would like him to get this team on the right track. The bottom line is we have to start drafting better. Also, what I want to see this week is, Jeff Fisher sticking with what he said last week. People who don't perform will be benched. After our performance , particularly on D, someone has to be held accountable. We gave up over 200 rushing yards and couldn't get off the field on 3rd and longs, it is someones fault so they need to sit if they are players, or cut even. If a coordinator is to blame they also need to be accountable.
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