Fisher Won't Name QB Starter Yet for Regular Season Opener

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Ewker

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    I have no clue as to why Collins will start over Volek. He has done nothing to prove he is better than Volek. I do have my conspiracy theories though.
  2. Rolltide, I'll try to make this clear enough that even you, with your statistical fetish, can understand. Comparing Volek's career qb rating to Collins' career qb rating doesn't prove anything. As I've shown many times, numbers don't always tell you what you are looking for.

    Volek is a good backup but a poor starter who has had limited success throwing deep in a completely different offensive scheme. Collins has a proven track record that shows that he can be a decent starting QB and has played in a number of schemes.

    The coaches have given up on Volek, and I guarantee you that they have good reasons and it wasn't simply on a whim (be it on the field or off the field concerns). Collins is the guy they feel will be the best temporary solution prior to Vince Young being ready.
  3. Why the hell would anybody boo Collins being introduced?

    If they don't announce the offense during the intros then it's because they don't want the Jets to find out the starting QB until he enters the game.
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  5. Ewker

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    very simple why people will boo Collins..they think Volek should be the QB not Collins.

    BS to your 2nd part
  6. Hoffa

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    I don't think Collins would get booed if he steps out as the starter. A couple people on here might boo, but I dont' think enough of the 68,000 are emotionally committed to Volek that it would take to raise a single decibel.

    Why would so many people care that much for Volek, he hasn't exactly won a boatload of games for us? And after the past two seasons, anyone new coming in will bring at least a sliver hope for some positive change to the average fans that will be there Sunday. Let Collins stink up the place first, then the boo birds will fly.
  7. Gunny

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    For QB ratings, yes it is presumptious and unbalanced.
  8. Fry

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    now now gunny, dont try to use common sense in this situation. we all know 10 starts is the same as 145.

  9. Ewker

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    that should take less than a quarter
  10. GoTitans3801

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    Once again, you're saying the coached have given up on Volek. Why do we think that? It sure sounds like it makes a strong point, but they haven't said anything like that. What if Collins is an insurance policy, and Billy comes out as the starter on sunday, as had been planned all along? Why is that theory constantly ignored?
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